City of Memphis, TN Police Director Candidates

“Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland released on Friday, July 15, the list of recommended candidates from the International Association of Chiefs of Police for the permanent directorship of the Memphis Police Department.

Mayor Strickland will conduct interviews in August. Shortly after that, the mayor will announce his appointee. The appointment is subject to approval by the Memphis City Council.

The recommended candidates, along with bios, resumes and video clips, are listed below in alphabetical order.”-From the City of Memphis website.

Barbecue: Sauce, Smoke, and History Bibliography

From the Southern Foodways Alliance, this is a bibliography on the history of Barbecue.

Visualizing Emancipation

“Visualizing Emancipation is a map of slavery’s end during the American Civil War. It finds patterns in the collapse of southern slavery, mapping the interactions between federal policies, armies in the field, and the actions of enslaved men and women on countless farms and city blocks. It encourages scholars, students, and the public to examine the wartime end of slavery in place, allowing a rigorously geographic perspective on emancipation in the United States.”–From the website.

Behind the Veil: Documenting African American Life in the Jim Crow

“The Behind the Veil Oral History Project was undertaken by Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies from 1993 to 1995. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the primary purpose of this documentary project was to record and preserve the living memory of African American life during the age of legal segregation in the American South, from the 1890s to the 1950s. Over the span of three summers, teams of researchers conducted oral history interviews with more than one thousand elderly black southerners who remembered that period of legal segregation. The tapes and selected transcripts of the 1,260 interviews in this collection capture the vivid personalities, poignant personal stories, and behind-the-scenes decision-making that bring to life the African American experience in the Southduring the late-19th to mid-20th century. It is the largest single collection of Jim Crow oral histories in the world.–From the website.

Hurricane Digital Memory Bank

“Launched in 2005, the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank uses electronic media to collect, preserve, and present the stories and digital record of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. George Mason University’s Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media and the University of New Orleans, in partnership with the Smithsonian Institutions National Museum of American History and other partners, organized this project.”–From the website.

Irish Famine Archive

The purpose of the Digital Irish Famine Archive is to make accessible eyewitness accounts of the Irish famine migration”–From the website

National Park Service eLibrary History

“The NPS History Electronic Library is a portal to thousands of electronic publications and videos, covering the history of the National Park Service and the cultural and natural history of the national parks, monuments, and historic sites of the U.S. National Park System.”–From the website.

Annual Survey of Public Pensions: State- and Locally-Administered Defined Benefit Data Summary Report: 2015 – Released June, 2016

Annual Survey of Public Pensions Report: 2015 [Released, June 2016]

This summary is part of a continuing series designed to provide information on the finances, including that of pension funds, of the United States’ over 90,000 state and local governments. The 2015 Annual Survey of Public Pensions provides data on membership, assets, revenues, and expenditures of state- and locally-administered defined benefit plans.”–From the website.


Tips From Ex-Smokers : Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

A page from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help smokers quit smoking.  Much here to help the smoker who wants to quit smoking, including an extensive Quit Guide.  Also, a toll-free number:  (1-800-784-8669) that can be called for help in quitting tobacco use.

Target Heart Rate Calculator – American Cancer Society

“Target Heart Rate Calculator

Compute your best workout

Enter your age to find a target heart rate during exercise. You’ll get the most out of your activities by staying within this range of heartbeats/minute.”–From the website.  From the American Cancer Society.


Writings of the Early Church Fathers

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library offers a 38-volume collection of the writings of the early Church Fathers here.

FastStats : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

“The FastStats site provides quick access to statistics on topics of public health importance and is organized alphabetically. Links are provided to publications that include the statistics presented, to sources of more data, and to related web pages.”–From the website.

Mother’s Day : May 8, 2016

“This fact sheet presents statistical information from the Census Bureau’s economic and demographic subject areas pertaining to Mother’s Day.”–From the website.

Older Americans Month : May, 2016

The U. S. Census Bureau offers detailed information and statistics on older Americans here.

An Aging World : 2015 International Population Report Issue March 2016

“Worldwide, the 65-and-over population will more than double to 1.6 billion by 2050, according to An Aging World: 2015. This new report from the Census Bureau examines the continuing global aging trend and projected growth of the population age 65 and over, with an emphasis on the differences among world regions.”–From a U. S. Census Bureau News Release on this Report.