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Needy Meds

This website provides information on how to contact patient assistance programs for those who qualify.  Search by brand name, generic name, or by manufacturer.  Some application forms are also available for download from this site.

Audrey May (LINC) adds:

The one thing I would suggest – I think the website may be more global than Needy Meds. We were using Needy Meds, too – but the pparx website is supported by the pharmaceutical companies and is supposed to include all the drug co patient assistance programs as well as the Medicare and drugstore discount cards. Please let me know if you feel Needy Meds is a better overall “umbrella” site for patient assistance with prescription meds.

Living Wills & Durable Power of Attorney

From the Tennessee Bar Association, links are provided to the .pdf version of the Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care forms.  Instructions are included.

Charity Navigator

With an index of over 5,000 of the nation’s largest charities, this site provides potential donors with ratings and information on organizational efficiency and capacity.  Users can search by charity name, keyword, category or region.

TCAP, Gateway and other Test Preparation

This site is a collaborative project that provides assistance to those taking Gateway, TCAP or other assessment tests.  It also offers modules to assist students in learning various subjects and computer applications.

Use Zillow to find property values nationwide.  Users can search for a specific address or browse by city, ZIP, or street.  The site combines property values and satellite maps to provide a composite look at any given area.

Hello world!

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