Council on Foreign Relations Backgrounders

“Current political and economic issues succinctly explained”

 From Doris Dixon (Raleigh):

“Inspired by Sarah’s recent post about the Council on Foreign Relations’ background essay on Hezbollah, I have spent some time at that organization’s web site.  CFR is a nonpartisan and independent membership organization and its website seeks to ‘raise the level of foreign policy awareness by offering timely, unbiased, and in-depth coverage of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs to anyone interested.'”

“Backgrounder essays could serve as reliable, balanced resources for students and others wanting to learn more about current events and controversial international issues.  They can supplement our electronic subscription to Issues and Controversies–which customers cannot access at home–as well as print sources such as the CQ Researcher (available in the History Department).”

“I found the following Backgrounder essays to help me better understand recent news:

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