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Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later

From the Librarians’ Internet Index:

“This August 2006 collection from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) contains reports and data on Gulf Coast recovery efforts one year after Hurricane Katrina. Includes a slide show and photo galleries, frequently requested statistics (such as total assistance provided to individuals and households), news releases, and material specific to Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.”

Also see: Katrina: First Anniversary

“This August 2006 series of feature stories looks back at Hurricane Katrina and its effect on South Mississippi and the Gulf Coast. Topics include the victims of the hurricane, recovery and rebuilding, volunteer efforts, and survivor stories. From the Sun Herald newspaper, which covers Biloxi, Gulfport, and surrounding areas in south Mississippi.”

Also see: Hurricane Digital Memory Bank: Preserving the Stories of Katrina, Rita, and Wilma

This is an archive of first-person accounts, images, blog postings and podcasts from the hurricanes of 2005.


Created by the OCLC, the new WorldCat (beta) searches over 18,000 libraries around the world.  (That’s over 1.3 billion items, as of today!)  Users can search by title, subject or person, and many different formats are indexed.

Child Health Advice

From the Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center in Seattle, this is a handy guide to help parents decide how sick their child is and when to call a doctor.  Choose a condition and then read details and view treatment guidelines.

Helping Your Preschool Child

This guide, from the US Department of Education, provides information for parents of children from infancy to age 5, including activities to help prepare children for school.

24-Hour Radio Playlists

I don’t know how often customers ask what song just played on the radio, but this is a very cool site!  It lists the last 24 hours of music played on every station in the country.  Just type in the station call letters or the local zip code to see a list of stations in the area.  Clicking on a song title will direct you to iTunes, but access to the playlists is free of charge.

Special Report on Stem Cells

New Scientist has created this special report on stem cells.  It includes links to all of the current and archived articles on the subject.

Check out the left-hand column for links to their other special reports on topics such as Hurricanes, Bird Flu, Climate Change and the Return of the Space Shuttle.

What is a Planet?

A very nice guide from the Astronomy Department at Cornell University, this site explains very simply how planets are defined and why there is the current controversy about Pluto.

Resources from University of Colorado at Boulder

Thanks to a Bloglines user for passing this along!

“Did you miss the press conference given by President Bush yesterday? Do you want to watch or read more then the clips they showed on the evening news? The White House has put up a transcript of the press conference as well as video (available by clicking on the link on the right hand of the screen). The White House has also put up a page called the ‘Road Map to Peace‘ which links to speeches and press releases from the President and his staff. If you are interested in more information the library has put together a guide on the Arab-Israeli conflict or to learn more about the countries involved, check out our pages on Israel, Iraq, or Lebanon.”

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Reconstruction Efforts

From BeSpacific:

From the State Department, this site “includes links to Useful Internet Sites, U.S. Government Documents, Speeches, Fact Sheets, Congressional Research Service Reports (CRS).”

UofM Professional and Continuing Education

Use this site to get information about Continuing Education at the University of Memphis.  The entire catalog is available, as well as details on registration and fees.

Farecast: Airfare Predictions

I’ve been hesitant to post this beta tool, but it has been getting a lot of press… So if anyone uses it and has some luck, please let us know!

Farecast is an airfare search engine that not only searches for good deals, but also tries to predict if prices will rise or fall.  As of this week, Memphis has been added to the airports that Farecast covers.

Easy School Search

“A freely browsable database of over 130,000 US public and private elementary and secondary schools with grades kindergarten through twelve.

“The data provided includes characteristics such as school size, school level, geographic region, community type, program emphasis, and, where available, other data such as religious orientation and association membership.”  The site also incorporates Google maps to provide accurate maps of each location.

Can I Vote?

From beSpacific:

From the National Association of Secretaries of State, this site is “a one-stop shop that provides voters with step-by-step instructions for voting no matter where in the United States they live.”

Searching the Reference Highway

Do you remember seeing a useful site on the Highway, but don’t remember what category it belonged to?

Don’t forget that you can keyword search the Highway using the box at the top of the right column!

Local Harvest

This site provides a national directory of farmers’ markets, food co-ops, farms, and restaurants that sell locally grown produce.  It also includes the LocalHarvest Store, which sells family-farmed and organic items on the web.