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Keeping Your Telephone Number

This guide from the FCC explains how to keep your telephone number when switching service providers.  Also includes information on fees, filing complaints and emergency services.

Uncle Sam’s Photos

Photos taken by the US government are public domain.  This site is a guide to the government’s stock photo galleries, arranged by subject.

Fireworks Safety

A simple guide to the safe use of fireworks, including a list of precautions and guidance on what to do if an injury occurs.

Classic Short Stories

A great place to try if you’re having trouble tracking down a particular short story!  Full texts are available from some of the most popular authors, including: Poe, O. Henry, Dickens, Melville, Kipling and Woolf.

Graduated Driver License

Many thanks to Philip Williams (Cordova) for these sites!

Graduated Driver License Procedures

“Tennessee began issuing a Graduated Driver’s License on July 1, 2001.  This link provides information from the Tennessee Department of Safety on the Graduated Drivers License Procedures.  There is information on the Learner’s Permit, and the three levels of licenses:  First level:  Intermediate Restricted License; Second Level:  Intermediate Unrestricted License; and Final Level:  Regular Drivers License.  The specific procedures as far as obtaining the different kinds of licenses is provided, as well as pictures of the different kinds of licenses.”

Tennessee Graduated Driver License System: Information You Should Know Before You Get on the Road

“This is a brochure, from the Tennessee Department of Safety, that provides concise information on the Tennessee Graduated Driver License System, including restrictions and penalties.”

Tennessee Non-Smoker Protection Act

We will probably begin receiving more and more questions about this as October approaches.  This link is to the actual bill that was signed by Gov. Bredesen on June 11.  The bill outlines what is and is not covered by this law.

Related Site:

A guide from the National Cancer Institute, CDC Office on Smoking and Health, and the American Cancer Society on smoking cessation options and programs.

See Also: Information from the Tennessee Department of Health

Pardon Me

For citizens wishing to receive a federal pardon, the Department of Justice has created this site with instructions and forms.  Clemency statistics are also available here.


Zoho offers a number of applications that allow people to collaborate and create different types of documents online–for free!  Zoho Writer is a word processing application (think Word); Zoho Sheet has spreadsheets (think Excel); Zoho Show allows the user to create presentations (You got it–think PowerPoint); and Zoho Creator is their home for database applications (Yep–Access.)  Other web-based Zoho applications include: Wiki, Mail, Planner, Notebook, Meeting, Chat, and Projects. 

If you try it out, let us know what you think!

Go Live!

Happy Go Live! to all!

(And… Don’t forget to breathe.)

Cheat Sheets,289893,sid9_gci826135,00.html

This is a cheat sheet for cheat sheets, actually.  If you need to remember a shortcut in Microsoft Word, or you would like a cheat sheet for a particular blog site, this is the easiest place to go.  Cheat sheets are provided for Blogging, Programming, HTML, CSS, Internet Slang, Microsoft Office, Networking, Operating Systems, Search Engines, Tutorials, and more.

Climate Change: A Guide to the Information and Disinformation

A very thorough resource guide from the Society of Environmental Journalists, this is a fully-annotated list of links that covers basic science, government programs, international agencies, environmental groups, and much more.

100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know

American Heritage Dictionary has compiled a list of 100 words every high school graduate should know.

(How did you do?)

Great Sites for Kids

The Ratings Guy site rates lifestyle websites on the basis of trust, quality and experience.  This is the link to their choices for websites for kids.  A review is available or in the works for each site.

MATA Route Changes

From Audrey May (LINC):

“MATA is instituting significant route changes as of this Sunday, 6/10/07.  Here is the link to the list of changes:

Here is the link to online schedules:

New schedules have been ordered from MATA and D & D staff are going to pick them up today.  LINC staff  will ensure that we have some of the new schedules available for customers to get at Central later today.  Backstock will be available here in LINC if you need to get some for your branch the next time you are here.   You may need to print out reference copies of the next schedules for customers to use in the meantime from the MATA website.

Many thanks to Deborah Brown in Stacks for alerting us to the change, and to LINC clerk Barbara Young and Connie Williams, Ralph Bridgewater and all the great D&D staff for keeping us supplied with schedules.”

Two on Public Records

Public Libraries Briefcase: Finding & Using Public Records

The March 2006 issue of the Public Libraries Briefcase (from the Business Reference and Services Section of the ALA) is a wonderful guide to using public records.  The authors explain the process and offer an annotated bibliography of websites for getting started.

The Virtual Chase

This guide to finding people, created by a law firm, offers explanatory articles as well as a research guide for other sources of information.