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KU Writing Guides

The Writing Center at the University of Kansas has compiled this list of writing guides from schools around the country.  Some of the categories include: Grammar & Usage, Personal & Professional Writing, Citing and Documenting Your Sources, and Avoiding Plagiarism.

Proposed Long Range Transportation Plan Amendment

Taken from an email from Heather Lawson:

“A hard copy of the Proposed Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Amendment will be at the History Desk late tomorrow or the next day.   While the Dept. of Transportation is only providing one hard copy it is also available now at the following link:

In addition, a hard copy of the TN Dept of Transportation’s revised Public Involvement Plan will also be available Wednesday or Thursday at the History Desk.

I have learned that the Proposed Long Range Transportation Plan Amendment should be available until September 8, 2007.  The revised Public Involvement Plan will be reviewed for 45 calendar days, and will be available until September 15, 2007. This information may be in the Commercial Appeal. 

If customers have questions you can refer them to
Linda Layda
Administrative Assistant to
Judy Steele
Community Relations Division
Telephone:  615.741-2567

Recall Issued for Bread Sold at Area Schnucks

Check out either link for details on the recall or contact numbers, but briefly…Sara Lee has recalled nine bread items that contain metal shavings:

Earth Grains Honey Wheatberry Cottage Style UPC: 50400-72709

Earth Grains 24 oz. Natural Wheat Berry with Honey UPC: 50400-72748

Earth Grains 24 oz. Natural Seven Grain Round Top UPC: 50400-72747

Earth Grains 24 oz. Natural Stone Ground Whole Wheat UPC: 50400-72746

Sara Lee Delightful Wheat UPC: 72945-71706

Sara Lee 24 oz. 100% Whole Wheat with Honey UPC: 72945-60152

Sara Lee 24 oz. 100% Whole Wheat Wide Pan UPC: 72945-60157

Sara Lee 24 oz. 100% Multi Grain Wide Pan UPC: 72945-60158

Schnucks Wheat Bread Sandwich Style UPC: 24126-01044

International Dialing Codes

This tool allows the user to submit what city they are calling from, what city they are placing a call to, and the telephone number, to get specific instructions for how to place their international phone call. 

For the caller who just needs a country code, this site allows reverse lookup by map.

Another site to try is

Ethnologue: Languages of the World

The Ethnologue is an encyclopedia of the known living languages–over 6,900!  For each language, information on number of speakers, geographic region, dialects, language family, and use is given.  Users can search by name, country, families or language codes.

50 Best Websites 2007,28804,1633488_1633458,00.html

Time Magazine has realeased their annual list of the top 50 websites.  The link above will take you to the first on the list, and then you can browse from there using the arrows.

When To Buy

This is a concise article from SmartMoney on when to buy particular items.  It tells the best day of the week for purchasing airline tickets, cars, restaurant meals, clothing, gasoline and much more.

World eBook Fair

Again this year!

Sponsored in part by Project Gutenberg, the World eBook Fair allows the public to access over 300,000 400,000 eBooks for free through August 4th.  The site offers not only public domain materials, but also copyrighted classics.


Kidnetic is a site that is chock full of things for kids to do–especially in the summer.  The goal is to get kids thinking, doing and moving, but there are online games as well.  Kids can also find child-friendly recipes, games to play inside or outside and fun topics to learn more about.

Google 4-1-1

Thanks to Christina Barnes (Business/Sciences) for alerting me to this new service:

1-800-GOOG-411. “Google Voice Local Search is Google’s experimental service to make local-business search accessible over the phone.”  Users can search by a particular name or category, and the calls are free.

The Ultimate Grilling Guide

Happy 4th to all!,21861,1184176-1193126,00.html

RealSimple has put together this guide to grilling and summer entertaining.  On the left hand column are links to numerous other articles and recipes.

Real-Time Local Traffic Information

Thanks to Darletha Matthews (South) for submitting this site!

“WMC-TV’s Traffic page has a feature called Real-Time Routing. When you submit a local driving destination it will show any traffic-related incidents that may cause delays.  If you don’t have the direct link you can also find it by clicking on the ‘News’ link on the homepage, then Traffic, and finally ‘Traffic Report’ to use the Real-Time Routing feature.”