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Street Fiction

From an email from Debbie Stevens (East Shelby):

“I happened upon this blog–its creator is a corrections librarian and the blog is ‘dedicated to reviewing street fiction, also known as urban fiction, street lit, or gangsta fiction.  One of the fastest growing genres, these books expose the reader to drugs, violence, sex and and the gritty realities of street life in urban America.’
One of the nice features is its fairly comprehensive list of books and authors, not to mention reviews.
Hope this helps!”

Thanks Debbie!

The Craftiest Craft Forum & Blogs

From Neat New Stuff:

“This sociable site provides forums on a wide variety of topics, as well as How-To tips, columns, ‘cool things,’ user-submitted photo galleries, and more.”

TN Dept of Health – Tennessee Non-Smokers Protection Act

From Philip Williams (Cordova):

“The Tennessee Dept. of Health provides information here, for Employers and Consumers, on the Tennessee Non-Smokers Protection Act, which takes effect October, 1, 2007.  The Frequently Asked Questions for Consumers and Employers provide information on penalties, the locations where smoking is banned, exemptions to the law, and more.  A toll-free number, 1-800-293-8228, is included for employers who have questions about complying with the law.  In addition, there are links to other resources on how to quit smoking.”

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Parent Leadership Grants

This is the link to the guidelines and application for the Parent Leadership Grants available from Partners in Public Education.  Grants of up to $1000 are available to parents of students in the Memphis City Schools.  Please see the guidelines for eligibility information and deadlines.

Advance Directives for Health Care Decision Making

Thanks to Jessie Marshall (Business/Sciences) for pointing this out!

This FAQ from the Tennessee Department of Health explains the new law covering Advance Directives for Health Care, which used to be known as Living Wills.  Links are provided to the new forms:

Additional information on each component is available using the menu on the left-hand side.  The information in the FAQ is also offered en espanol.

Two on Foreclosures

From Philip Williams (Cordova):

Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure

Foreclosure Resources for Consumers

“There has been much interest in foreclosures lately and these two websites,  the first from the United States Housing and Urban Development Administration and the other one from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, provide consumer information on foreclosures and links to helpful sites.  The information on these websites should be able to answer most questions our customers might have, and the HUD site offers some telephone numbers consumer can call for counseling.”

eHow: How To Do Just About Everything

eHow is an extensive guide to articles on how to do just about anything–from starting a worm compost bin to writing a love letter.  (There are over 70,000 guides!)  You can browse by category or search by keyword.

Walk Score

Thanks to Jessie Marshall (Sciences) for suggesting this site!

Users can type in an address to determine a neighborhood’s “walk score” using this site.  According to the site, walkable neighborhoods result in better health, a reduction in greenhouse gas, more transportation options, increased social capital and stronger local businesses.  This site might also be of interest to those who are thinking of starting a business, buying or selling a home or preparing to move to a new area.

Question about Memphis City Council Super Districts

From Doris Dixon (Raleigh):

Question: Why were the Memphis City Council Super Districts formed?

The Newsbank database for the Commercial Appeal includes the following articles that may jumpstart the research of curious customers:

Chris Conley, “Judge OK’s City Council Remap Plan,” Commercial Appeal, June 20, 1995, A1.

Chronology of Lawsuits,” Commercial Appeal, April 26, 1995, p. 11

According to Thomas Jones, the Memphis Room clipping file subject heading for this topic is “Memphis–City Council–Election Districts.”

Note: Links work in the library only.

Thanks to Doris for all of the research!

Swimmer’s Guide

The Swimmer’s Guide lists over 18,000 publicly-accessible, full-size, year-round pools worldwide.

Old Magazine Articles

This is a great site for anyone looking for older magazine articles on particular subjects.  The site groups articles by subjects, such as “Prohibition” or “Early Cars”, and then provides a .pdf version of the original article.  The articles can also be searched by keyword.  A great source for students!

Do Not Call Reminder

Thanks to Becky Graham (Circulation) for this timely reminder!

“People who signed up for the national Do Not Call registry when it came out 5 years ago need to reapply to keep from receiving those annoying telemarketer calls because the original period is about to expire.”

Fall Book Preview

From Doris Dixon (Raleigh):

“Several book reviewers are heralding a bonanza of great books to be released this fall. Since Memphis Reads generally does not post ‘preview’ articles about soon to be published books (prefering to focus on books already in the Library’s collection), I wanted to share a post from another blog that features links to preview articles.”

Beyond Wikipedia: 20 References You Can’t Do Without

From, this article highlights 20 good online reference sources for students.  Some are offered as Wikipedia alternatives, and others are useful for specific subject areas.  Take a look!

5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online

Needless to say, I haven’t had a chance to check all of these out!  The links are divided into the following categories: Blogging & Podcasting, Communication Tools, Photo & Video Tools, Tools for Work, Tools for Life, Web Browsing Tools, Web Development Tools, Web Search & Bookmarking, and Miscellaneous Tools.