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7 Things You Should Know About …

In this series, Educause provides concise information on specific emerging technologies and practices, such as Multi-touch interfaces, Ning, Google Apps, Flickr, Lulu, and many more. 

Cutting Gas Costs and Consumption and Gas Prices and Tax Credits

Ten ways to cut gasoline costs and gas consumption from the Consumer Federation of America.

Motor Trend offers a list of the cheapest gas prices.  You can select a state, then select a county and check for the cheapest gas prices for municipalities within the county, e. g., Memphis in Shelby County Tennessee.

Credit for New Qualified Alternative Motor Vehicles (Qualified Fuel Cell Motor Vehicles).  Information from the IRS on tax credits for qualified alternative motor vehicles.








Street Terms For Drugs

“The Street Terms database contains over 2,300 street terms that refer to specific drug types or drug activity. The database is used by police officers, parents, treatment providers and others who require a better understanding of drug culture.”–From Website.   The database was created by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.


This is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in history.  HistoryWorld is composed of 400 narrative histories, thousands of articles and a number of timelines to help users understand the chronological sequence of world events.  The site can be searched by keyword, or users may browse the 400 histories by subject.

TCIDS — Tennesee Career Information Delivery System

“TCIDS is an online supercenter that unlocks career and educational opportunites–FREE to Tennesseans!”–From website.  Geared toward students, parents, and teachers, this is also a site that could be helpful to anyone researching careers and schools.  There is a Career database and Education database that can be searched; both of which provide detailed information.

Texas Court of Appeals, Third District, at Austin — Opinion on the Children Removed from the YFZ Ranch

This is the opinion handed down by the Texas Court of Appeals, Third District, at Austin, which ruled that the state of Texas did not have the right to remove the children from the YFZ Ranch owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The Court ruled in favor of the 38 women who had challenged their children being removed by the state and appealed a lower court’s decision by a judge who held that the children should remain in state custody.

United States Postal Fees and Rates Effective May 12, 2008

Here are the retail and commercial United States Postal Seervice fees and rates that became effective May 12, 2008.  This is a very detailed document, including information for fees and rates by weight of item sent.

Tennessee Wage and Labor Law — Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions from the Tennessee Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development will answer such questions as are there restrictions on the age a child can go to work, other work restrictions for other ages of minors, what Tennesee being an “at-will” state means, questions concerning terminations, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation questions, and many, many, more.

United States v. Williams — United States Supreme Court Upholds Child Pornography Law

Here is the the United States Supreme Court’s opinion that upheld a 2003 federal law aimed at child pornography. 

Orpheum Summer Classic Movie Series for 2008

I admit I’m a movie buff, and sometimes nothing will beat seeing a classic on the big screen.  I especially love watching movies at the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Memphis because of the atmosphere.  One new thing on the Orpheum’s summer, 2008 agenda is they are playing “chick flicks” on Thursday nights.   Hopefully for all you other film buffs, this will be a fun site. 

“See you at the movies!”

Free Foreign Language Courses

This is the home for foreign language courses developed by the United States Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute.  All courses are free and in the public domain.

World Bank Topics: Food Crisis

The World Bank has put together a nice overview of the world food crisis, including information on food prices, consumption, and production.  Use this site to find information for particular regions or the latest news concerning world food issues.

California State Supreme Court Opinion Overturning Ban on Gay Marriages

Proponents of same sex marriages celebrate this opinion while opponents of same-sex marriages in California have talked about trying to change the California Constitution to prevent same-sex marriages from becoming legal.

Where’s My Tax Refund — Internal Revenue Service Web Site

Information from the IRS on the status of your refund can be found here.  In addition, there is a link to the IRS Refund Help page.

Where’s My Stimulus Payment? — Internal Revenue Service Web Site

Specific information on your Economic Stimulus Payment may be available here from the IRS.   In addition, there is a link to the Economic Stimulus Payment Help page.