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Federal Holidays Through 2020

The U. S. Office of Personnel Management provides a list of federal holidays for each year through 2020.

Genealogy Resources, By State offers links to genealogical resources in each state here.

Annual Energy Outlook 2008 : With Projections to 2030

The U. S. Dept. of Energy’s Energy Information Administration  offers “The Annual Energy Outlook 2008 (AEO2008) [which] presents projections and analysis of US energy supply, demand, and prices through 2030. The projections are based on results from the Energy Information Administration’s National Energy Modeling System.”–From the website. 

National Intelligence Assessment on the National Security Implications of Global Climate Change to 2030

Dr. Thomas Fingar, Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis and Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, told a Congressional Committee, that an assessment, with input from all 16 Intellegence Agencies, showed Global Warming and Climate change as security threats that could trigger humanitarian diasters and political instability in the world.


Although still in beta testing, Lookybook shows a great deal of promise.  This site is a place to view picture books, cover to cover.  It’s a great way for parents, librarians and others to review items to make informed choices.  With a free registration, users can rate, review and comment on individual books and receive frequent email updates when new items are added.  Users can also create their own “bookshelves” to organize and share their favorites.

Thanks to Mary Seratt for her added evaluation of the site!

Recent United States Supreme Court Decisions

Kennedy v. Louisiana

The Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty cannot be imposed in child rape cases.

Exxon Shipping Co. v. Baker

The Supreme Court’s ruling on the damages owed by Exxon for the Valdez oil spill.

District of Columbia v. Heller

The Supreme Court ruled that Washington D. C.’s handgun ban is a violation of the Second Amendment.


MaintainIT Project

Thanks to Mary Seratt (Children’s) for passing this one along!

The MaintainIT Project is a project of TechSoup, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  This site is a place for librarians to learn from the experiences of others and share what they have discovered about maintaining public computers.  Free articles and “cookbooks” are available for download.

Trans Union Class Action Lawsuit

Thanks to Ron Reid (LINC) for passing this along!

“Trans Union, the credit bureau, recently settled a class action lawsuit.  As a part of the settlement, people (who qualify) can get free monitoring of their credit reports for up to 9 months.”

State Tax Holidays

The next Tennessee State Tax Holiday is August 1-3, 2008.  Here is information on what is tax free in Tennessee and other information on the holiday.  Also, the Federation of Tax Administrators offers a 2008 State Sales Tax Holidays page which lists the date of the first year a state held a tax holiday and then the 2008 dates, as well as links to the appropriate state agency overseeing the tax holiday.

Federal Bureau of Investigation — Internet Fraud

The FBI offers information here on common Internet fraud schemes and scams, including the Nigerian Letter or 419 Fraud, and how to avoid being the victim of internet fraud.  There is also a section on Fraud directed to Senior Citizens.

Economic Stimulus Payments — Did I Get the Right Amount?,,id=181991,00.html

The IRS offers some FAQs on the Economic Stimulus Payments that may help you if you have questions on the amount of money you received as your payment.

Flooding in the Midwest, 2008

The U. S. Geological Survey offers this page with links and information on the flooding that has hit the Midwest this summer.

Salmonellosis Outbreak in Certain Types of Tomatoes — U. S. Food and Drug Administration

This page will be need to be checked for updates, but here is information on the recent and growing salmonella outbreak related to tainted tomatoes.

Major League Baseball : American League Red Book and the National League Green Book

Major League Baseball offers its American League Red Book and National League Green Book online here.  Both offer statistics, facts, and information on baseball and all of its major league teams.