The Fragrance Foundation Directory

This is a searchable database of fragrances currently distributed in the United States.  The database includes detailed information on U. S. and European fragrances, including colorful bottle images, perfume descriptions, distributor contact information, and more.


One response to “The Fragrance Foundation Directory”

  1. storm says :

    I see that you manually add/remove cells, and sets its row spans in the click handlers.

    that is not a good way to use gwt, as you did not abstract yourself from html, but is just writing “html” in java.

    what you could do is instead define two more widgets – one widget for the collapsed state view, and another for the open state view. how you implement these widgets is up to you, but i would just have another table in there.

    then, in each cell of the flex-table you would add in the correct widget when the click happens.

    that way, you dont get bogged down in the click handler with table manipulation code.

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