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Tip of My Tongue

Tip of My Tongue is a tool that attempts to help users find words that fit specific parameters.  For instance, perhaps you know that the word you are looking for starts with con-, ends in -ct and means “to build.”  Put that information into the form on this site, and you will be directed to the word “construct.”  The tool isn’t always perfect, but it might come in handy in a jam!

PDF Conversions

If you’ve ever wanted to convert files to or from a PDF format, there are a few sites you might be interested in:  PDF Online is an online service that will provide free conversions of files from PDF to Word, Word to PDF or website to PDF.  PDF Undo Online is a very easy-to-use site that will also convert PDF files to Word documents.

Guide to African American Documentary Resources

“Many information centers are beginning to reveal and promote materials relating to African American history that are housed in their respective facilities. In hopes of enhancing access, dozens of institutions are digitizing such materials. This website reviews several existing websites and digitization projects and lists noteworthy digitization projects that are forthcoming.”–From the web site.  Cornell University Library offers this web site and includes a link to what it considers the best African American digital collections.

The National Parks : Lesser Known Areas

“Few travelers are familiar with most parks described here. Many are located away from principal highways or are relatively new to the National Park System. And most, but not all, are smaller than the more popular parks. Yet these sites contain nationally significant scenic and cultural resources, many of comparable quality to the more famous parks.”–From the web site.  And these parks are searchable by state on this site.

NationalAtlas.Gov — Printable Maps

Pritable maps of America from an expanding list of maps formatted to be viewed, printed, or downloaded are found here.

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service — Species Page

The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Species page has information on endangered species, including wildlife fact sheets, a photo image library, information on invasive species, and more.

Charity Guide

“The Charity Guide is a non profit web site designed to inform and educate those interested in making contributions to charitable organizations. There are many ways in which to support worthwhile causes in your area. Whether it is in the form of monetary donations, or a small bit of your time each week, we hope the information provided will help you discover the opportunities you are seeking.”–From the web site. You can locate charities in the United States on this web site; you can search by state and you then will find towns and cities within the state and clicking on a particular city or town will give you the charities located in them.

Online Resources for Writers

Amherst College has compiled a directory of online resources for writers.  Information has been gathered from a number of academic institutions and compiled under headings such as “Thesis and Argument” and “Paragraph Unity and Coherence.”  This will be a great resource for students who need help with the process of writing.

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2008 World Series — Facts For Features — United States Census Bureau

The United States Census Bureau offers some statistics on Major League baseball, and Tampa Bay, FL, home of the Tampa Bay Rays, and Philadelphia, PA, the home of the Philadelphia Phillies.  The Phillies and the Rays are of course the two teams playing each other in the 2008 series.

New Look

Hello all!

You might have noticed that the Reference Highway no longer has its highway… Due to some problems with the old design, we’ve had to change things around a bit.  Hopefully, this look will work better for the Highway.  (Yes, we’re keeping the name.)

But, changes can still be made.  Please let us know what you think about the new look–what you like, what you don’t.  We’ll try to make it work well for everyone.  Just comment on this post, and we’ll try to see what we can do!  Thanks!


CarZen is a new site that aims to assist consumers who are preparing to purchase a new automobile.  There are other sites that provide similar information (Edmunds, NADA, etc.), but CarZen offers a unique questionnaire to match customer’s wants and needs with current vehicles.  The tool is quite comprehensive and will provide the user with a ranked list of cars that fit their needs.  I tested it out and was quite impressed with the details that were covered.  I was also very surprised by the results–the site suggested some cars that I would have never thought to look at.  Hope it’s helpful!

For Those In Need Of Health Care In Tennessee

This Tennessee Department of Health site provides information on TennCare and non-Tenncare health plans, CoverTN, where to find a dental clinic, a healthcare facility, a state-funded safety net clinic, and more.

Findlaw 2008 Presidential Election

Findlaw offers its election analysis, news, and commentary here.  Findlaw will also provide information concerning the likely impact the election of the next President will have on the law and legal issues.

The Flu

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers its Seasonal Flu page which has information about the different influenza viruses, the flu vaccine, antiviral drugs, flu sypmtoms, and more.  In addition, the American Lung Association offers its Flu Clinic Locator, which lets you search for a clinic near you by zip code.