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National Resource Directory

Thanks to Christina Barnes (Sciences) for passing this along…

From the site: “An online partnership of ‘shared care’ providing information on, and access to, services and resources for wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans, their families and families of the fallen, and those who support them from recovery and rehabilitation to community reintegration.”

The site is maintained by the Departments of Defense, Labor and Veterans Affairs, and provides resources from federal, state and local agencies, non-profit and faith-based organizations, academic institutions and professional associations.  Choose a general topic to get started.


This site, sponsored by the Center for Governmental Studies at IUPUI, is a freely accessible archive of thousands of documents, reports, abstracts, briefs and multimedia files produced by think tanks, academia, foundations and government-funded initiatives.  The link above is to the list of major topics, but users can also search or browse by author, publisher or funder.

LIFE Photo Archive

From the site: “Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google.”  I highly recommend doing a search for ‘Memphis’.  Good stuff.


These days, most keyboard characters are available in Microsoft Word (Insert>Symbol).  But what if you need to insert a © in an email?  Or write the word español?  That’s where this site becomes helpful.  Click on the symbol you need and it is automatically placed on your clipboard.  Then, just go to where you want to type it, and press Ctrl+V.  Voilà!

The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online

This site was begun in 2002 to put on one scholarly web site all of Charles Darwin’s published writings and unpublished papers.  The site contains over 69,000 pages of searchable text and 175,000 electronic images.

Alice : An Educational Software That Teaches Students Computer Programming in a 3D Environment

Randy Pausch, in his book The Last Lecture, talked about helping to develop Alice, a software teaching tool that allows introductory computing students, but also anyone else, to, as Mr. Pausch said in his book, “easily create animations for telling a story, playing an interactive game or making a video.”  Alice is offered for free by Carnegie Mellon University.

Who Cares : Sources of Information About Health Care Products and Services:

“The FTC {Federal Trade Commission] has created this website to help you find reliable sources of information on health topics important to you, whether you’re an older consumer or a family member, caregiver, or friend”–From the web site.  Users of this sites can find information about health organizations and agencies, learn how to spot deceptive claims, and who to contact if you have questions or complaints about health products or services.


The issue of the state quarter for Hawaii marks the end of the 50 State Quarters Program, which was a 10-year initiative launched by the U. S. Dept. of Mint.  In 2009, the United States Mint will embark on the District of Columbia and United States Territories Quarters Program by minting and issuing six newly designed quarters.   This press release also provides a link to a digital image of the Hawaii quarter.

ALA seeks $100 million in stimulus funding as U.S. libraries face critical cutbacks, closures

This is the official press release from the American Library Association which announces that the ALA is asking for $100 million in stimulus funding from Congress for libraries during this time of economic crisis.

E-Reference Ratings

Thanks to Kay Due (Public Services) for this info!

Oh, sunny day!  Library Journal now offers ratings of e-reference resources!  Use the link above to access ratings on over 180 subscription-based online reference resources, organized into 14 general topics.  For a better overview than I will ever give, click here.

World Architecture Community

From the Scout Report: “The World Architecture Community website is the genuine article, and even a cursory look reveals that people are posting items to this site from Bangalore to Buffalo. New users can go to the left-hand side of the site to register, and then they can look through the various architectural directories, which include architects, buildings, critics, and theorists. In the buildings area, the buildings available for consideration are divided into more detailed thematic categories, including ‘Work Places’, ‘Public Buildings’, and ‘Public Infrastructure’. Moving on, the site also includes an excellent section dedicated to ‘Theory and Issues’. Here visitors can read about sustainable development, semiotics, design, and urban issues. All told, this site is a tremendous resource for architects, urban planners, and students of cities in general.”

>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2008.

Is it down for everyone or just me?

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if a website is down or if something is wrong with a particular computer (or network).  Next time a customer complains that a particular site isn’t working on their computer, try this link.  Type in the URL (address) and it will tell you if the site is up and functioning properly or not.  I’ve already had reason to use this twice in the past 24 hours!


According to the site, “GoodGuide provides the world’s largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home.”  Users may search or browse over 60,000 home products and find out more about the product’s ingredients, impact and average price.

Organ Donations in the Tennessee Area

From the website:

  • Tennessee Donor Services (TDS) is a nonprofit, independent organization authorized by the Federal Government to accept anatomical gifts liver, lungs, kidneys, intestine or pancreas).
  • TDS’ designated service area includes 84 counties in Tennessee and  8 counties in Virginia.
  • The mission of Tennessee Donor Services is to support families in our communities who have sustained the loss of a loved one by providing an opportunity for organ, eye and tissue donation and by facilitating the recovery and transplantation of these gifts to help others in need. 
  • : Office of the President-Elect

    This site is for the Office of the President-elect and Office of the Vice President-elect, as recognized by the Presidential Transition Act of 1963, which specifically authorizes the Administrator of the GSA to provide services and support to the Office of the President-elect beginning the day after the election and until 30 days after the inauguration.  This site provides information to the public in support of this important public purpose and provides the latest news, events, and announcements relating to the Obama administration.

    Interested individuals can participate by sharing their own story or vision or by applying for a position in the Obama-Biden Administration.