These days, most keyboard characters are available in Microsoft Word (Insert>Symbol).  But what if you need to insert a © in an email?  Or write the word español?  That’s where this site becomes helpful.  Click on the symbol you need and it is automatically placed on your clipboard.  Then, just go to where you want to type it, and press Ctrl+V.  Voilà!


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6 responses to “CopyPasteCharacter”

  1. chatroulette says :

    J’aimerais faire un moleskine sur chatroulette. Queslqu’un saurait comment faire çà ?

  2. Chatroulette français says :

    Very interesting this post and you blog is a good source of news, thanks

  3. Chatroulette fr says :

    Why is there some people speaking french, I don’t get it…

  4. Chat fr says :

    Nice Blog ! I love your Background !

  5. tchat FR says :

    C’est un peu bizarre de voir des commentaires français sur un article anglais … M’enfin bon c’est internet hein !

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