Banning Children From Libraries?

I just received a call about Congress’ move to ban children from libraries… WHAT??!!

OK, calm down, and take a deep breath.  There is much more to the story.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), passed this past August, requires that all products for children under 12 must be tested for lead.  Books are subject to this requirement, as lead is often present in ink, but testing is expensive and time consuming.

So what does this mean for libraries?  Well, that is not completely clear just yet.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission is still working on guidelines for all industries, including schools and libraries, for when the law takes effect on February 10th.  Libraries and schools could be granted an exemption.

For more information:

ALA Wiki –

Library Journal –

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One response to “Banning Children From Libraries?”

  1. Capt. Merrymem says :

    If we ban children from the library, how will we be able to continue the lucrative business of baking them into pies and selling them to First Amendment advocates? (Although selling pies with a high lead content might just be considered immoral.) Apparently people think that the book fairy beings the books and that we don’t need to generate funds at all!

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