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Free File : Your Link To Free Federal Online Filing,,id=118986,00.html

“The Free File program provides free federal income tax preparation and electronic filing for eligible taxpayers through a partnership between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Free File Alliance LLC, a group of private sector tax software companies.”–From the Web Site.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Economic Stimulus Act) Full Text

“The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) makes available the authentic version of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, signed into law by President Barack Obama, on GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys). GPO also authenticates the document by digital signature. This signature assures the public that the document has not been changed or altered. A digital signature, viewed through the GPO Seal of Authenticity, verifies the document’s integrity and authenticity.”–From GPO Press Release.




March Is Women’s History Month

Gale Publishing offers this site of free resources relating to Women’s History Month in March, 2009, including biographies, activities, and a timeline.

Inspiring Young Readers

From Norvel Adams-Walker, East Region Manager

Best-selling author James Patterson has a new website encouraging children to read. The site is geared toward newborns to ages 10 and up. Patterson has selected several age-appropriate titles and even divided the books into various genres for the older ones.  This website is eye-catching as well as educational so it should appeal to kids and adults as all are trying to find something new to read.

Thanks, Norvel!

US Emergency Economic Stabilization Act

Submitted by Audrey May (LINC):

“From this website, you can find out all sorts of info about the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and related issues, and sign up for email alerts from the Treasury about the Act, and on other issues as well…LOTS of info here, Check it out if you have not already seen it.” was created to fulfill the federal promise of accountability and transperancy and to allow taxpayers to follow where the money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is going.  Visitors can read the bill, view a timeline and track government spending.

Job Websites — Resource Guide

There is a Job Websites Resource Guide now available.  It is a part of our Resource Guides on the blog, and it can be opened there, along with all of the other helpful Resource Guide.  The Job Websites Resource Guide contains sites that provide job openings and/or information that may help you find a job.  Many of the sites are for job openings in Tennessee, or Memphis, Tennessee, but there are some sites that would be helpful to job seekers anywhere.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — Summary Overview and Detailed Summary

The United States House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations Web Site provides this Summary Overview of the Conference Report for the Economic Stimulus Act, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  There is also a more detailed summary available.

The File Room — Archive of Cases

A special project of the National Coalition Against Censorship this an archive of historic and contemporary censorship cases that have occurred around the world.

Great Books Index

This site offers links to online English translations of  many of the great books of the world.

Virginia Quarterly Review

The Virginia Quarterly Review: A National Journal of Literature and Discussion has just opened up its archives.  Visitors to the site now have access to everything published between 1975 and 2003.  Browsing is possible from the link above, or you can search the archives.

Build Your Family Tree

Thanks to Mary Seratt and Hillary Pesson for passing this along!

dynastree is a site that allows users to create their own family trees.  This could be very helpful for children who need to do a genealogy project.  There is also a great tool that will map the distribution of a particular surname in the U.S.  A free registration is required to build a family tree, but the mapping tool can be used without a registration.

Insurance Institute For Highway Safety–Driving Laws — State Law Facts

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety offers its summaries of state driving laws, including cell phone laws, child restraint/belt laws, dui laws, speed limit laws, and others.  The site is updated continuously by the Institute as states enact or amend their laws.  You can search to see a chart that allows you to compare laws among the states, or you can search to see only the laws of a specific state.

The Emergency Response Safety and Health Database

This National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health database provides accurate and concise information on chemical, biological, and radiological agents that could be encountered by people in the event of a terrorist incident.

Congressional Research Service Reports

According to the Open CRS Network, “American taxpayers spend over $100 million a year to fund the Congressional Research Service, a ‘think tank’ that provides reports to members of Congress on a variety of topics relevant to current political events. Yet, these reports are not made available to the public in a way that they can be easily obtained.”

Two sites are working to provide public access to CRS reports:  Open CRS Network and Wikileaks.  The Open CRS Network provides reports that are already in the public domain and advocates for the release of all reports.  Wikileaks is a Wikipedia-like site for sharing leaked documents and provides a locale for analysis and discourse.