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US Department of State – Office of the Historian

The Office of the Historian is responsible for keeping all of the records of U.S. Foreign Policy, and their new site allows access to a wealth of resources.  Users can research by topic, presidential administration or by country.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Gale Cengage Learning, the Library of Congress Law Library, and the Census Bureau have all offered sites that provide information on Hispanic Heritage Month 2009, which is celebrated from September 15 to October 15 each year.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services — New WEB Portal

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers a new web portal that should make finding information even easier.  It also allows anyone who has filed a case with teh USCIS to sign-up to receive updates.  It also includes a Spanish Language version.

Archive of American Television : Capturing Television History, One Voice At A Time

This is the new online home of the Archive of American Television.  Hundreds of in-depth video intereviews with important figures in the history of television can be found here.

Compendium of Trade Laws

globalEDGE offers these summaries of trade laws for over 30 jurisdictions produced by member law firms of Lexwork International.  This site could be helpful to someone interested in doing business in another country or in some United States states.

A Readable Feast

Reader’s advisory tips and programming ideas for librarians working with cookbooks are found here.  In addition, there is a history of cooks included and help with collection development relating to cookbook collections and more.

History of U. S. Flight

“The national “Centennial of Flight: Born of Dreams – Inspired by Freedom” celebration commemorates this achievement and 100 years of aviation history. Our Centennial Partners are planning everything from cross-country tours to air shows and exhibitions, seminars and television specials. Use our Web site to access the most up-to-date information on celebration activity as well as the most comprehensive collection of outstanding educational essays, multimedia and links regarding the history of flight.”–From the website.

Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker

“Foreign Lobbyist Influence Tracker, a joint project of Propublica and the Sunlight Foundation, digitizes information that representatives of foreign governments, political parties and government-controlled entities must disclose to the U.S. Justice Department when they seek to influence U.S. policy.”–From the Website.  You can select a legislator and find the contacts and contributions from foreign sources to him or her and track foreign lobbying in other ways.

Home Energy Saver

Developed by the Environmental Energies Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, this web site is designed to help customers save energy in their homes and to find the resources that will provide them with the savings.

The Future of Libraries, With Or Without Books

An interesting article by CNN reporter John D. Sutter about the future of libraries and librarians and what some libraries and librarians are doing now to provide help and services to customers who do not have a real interest in books.

President Obama’s Speech To Students

This is the text entitled “Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama Back to School Event” of the speech delivered by President Obama to the nation’s school students on September 8, 2009.

Science Nation

The National Science Foundation offers this online magazine and states on the website that it is “The Online Magazine That’s All About Science For The People.”  Also from the website:  “In the National Science Foundation’s Science Nation online magazine, we examine the breakthroughs, and the possibilities for new discoveries about our planet, our universe and ourselves.”  It is a weekly online magazine.