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NOAA Climate Services

This web site will serve as the portal to NOAA’s climate information and other services.

Digital Library on American Slavery

“The Digital Library on American Slavery offers data on race and slavery extracted from eighteenth and nineteenth-century documents and processed over a period of eighteen years. The Digital Library contains detailed information on about 150,000 individuals, including slaves, free people of color, and whites. These data have been painstakingly extracted from 2,975 legislative petitions and 14,512 county court petitions, and from a wide range of related documents, including wills, inventories, deeds, bills of sale, depositions, court proceedings, amended petitions, among others. Buried in these documents are the names and other data on roughly 80,000 individual slaves, 8,000 free people of color, and 62,000 whites, both slave owners and non-slave owners.”–From the website.


“AdViews is a digital archive of thousands of vintage television commercials dating from the 1950s to the 1980s.”–From the Website.  This is a digital collection from the Duke University Libraries.

News and Newspapers Online

Links to online newspapers in the United States and from around the world are found here as a courtesy of the University Libraries of the University of North Caroline at Greensboro.

Full Screen Weather : Weather Underground

Weather Underground offers screen-size weather maps which provide local temperatures, conditions, and other information.

National Association of Unclaimed Property Adminsitrators (NAUPA) : Free Search For Money That Might Be Due You

The NAUPA is a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Association of State Treasurers and Council of State Governments and helps to find owners of unclaimed property and funds in all states and helps protected forgotten funds until claimed.  Here you can search for the unclaimed property and funds tht might belong to you  in every state you have lived in.

Haiti Relief Donations Qualify for Immediate Tax Relief,,id=218678,00.html?portlet=7

Information here from the IRS on a new law that allows immediate tax relief for donations made to Haiti relief organizations.

Tax Season 2010,,id=217826,00.html

News releases, fact sheets, tax tips and YouTube video and podcasts from the IRS and relating to the 2010 tax filing season are available here.

Haiti Earthquake People Locator

The National Library of Medicine offers this system that provides information on people in Haiti who are Alive and Well, Missing, Found, Injured, Deceased, or whose status in unknown as the result of the earthquake.

Railroads and the Making of Modern America

This is a digital history project from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln that “explores the dynamic social change that came between 1850 and 1900 with the growth of railroads, telegraphs, steam ships and other technologies”–from the website.

Conservation Almanac : Federal, State, Local & Private Lands

The Trust For Public Land offers this Conservation almanac which offers infomation on conservation activity across the United States.  You can use a map of conserved lands, find information about lands being conserved in your state,  search for conserved lands, create reports and export data.

Budget Tracker: Status of U.S. Funding for Key Global Health Accounts

“This resource  [from the Kaiser Family Foundation] provides regularly updated information on the status of U.S. funding for key global health programs throughout the budget and appropriations process. It includes a detailed breakdown of each major account as presented in the President’s budget request and in relevant appropriations bills as they proceed through Congress. It will be updated as needed. “–From the Web site.

Athletes : 2010 Winter Olympics

A list of all athletes and a bit of infomation on all of the athletes participating in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver is found here.  You can see a complete list or search by specific sport.

Library Lovers’ Month

Many resources available here on Library Lovers’ Month.