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OECD Factbook 2010

“[Here is] OECD’s dynamic and comprehensive statistical annual showing a wide range of key statistics for its member countries and major additional countries. For each indicator presented, there is explanatory text including a definition, explanation of long-term trends, and references; a table showing the indicator over a significant time span for all countries covered, and graphics showing the key messages contained in the data. Under each table is a link to an Excel spreadsheet enabling the user to access the data. This publication is available in print form, on USB key, and in html form.–From the website.

Free Green

Free Green offers free house plans for environmentally friendly homes.  Custom house plans are available for a fee. (Free registration required to download house plans.)

Related Organizations Database : Child Welfare Information Gateway

“The Related Organizations database contains information for organizations with a primary focus on adoption, child abuse and neglect, child welfare, or related issues. If you do not want to conduct your own search for an organization by topic, the Related Organizations page provides selected predefined groups of organizations by frequently requested topics.”–From the website.  Provided by the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Directory of State Medical Boards

The Federation of State Medical Boards offers contact information and links to the web sites of the 70 medical boards in the United States and its territories.

NFL Arrests Database

“These are arrests and citations involving NFL players since 2000 that were more serious than speeding tickets. The San Diego Union-Tribune reviewed hundreds of news reports and public records in compiling it. The list cannot be considered comprehensive in part because some incidents may not have been reported and some public records proved to be elusive. Increased media coverage of incidents also probably accounts for more incidents listed in recent years.”–From the website.  You can look at the complete list or search by name, position, or team.

Federal Reserve Board : Credit Card Agreements

Credit card agreements from major credit card issuers are available in this Federal Reserve Board database.

This site provides a calendar for upcoming webinars from all around the web. Anyone can submit a calendar listing and webinars listed are open to the public. Most are free and a wide variety of topics are covered.

A few of this week’s options: “Against the Odds: Recession Proof Marketing Tips for Your Business;” “Tax Deduction for Green Building;” “3 Ways to Improve Multi-Tasking.”

“Marian The Cybrarian”

This is an article, by Thomas H. Benton, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, about the importance and necessity of librarians/cybrarians.

VOA Pronunciation Guide

This Voice of America guide is a database of pronunciation keys and audio files (mp3) with guidance for pronouncing names of people and places in the worldwide news.  Four search types are available: exact search, near search, list lookup or origin browse.

Washington State Supreme Court Decision On Internet Filtering In Public Libraries

ReadWriteWeb offers this article on the Washington State Supreme Court decision’s on internet filtering in public libraries.  The article provides a link to the decision itself.

Plan Your Summer National Park Adventure

The National Park Service offers this site to provide information and links to help you plan your summer national park vacation.

Cell Phone and Texting Laws

“The following chart outlines all state-level cell phone and text messaging laws. Some local jurisdictions may have additional regulations. Enforcement type is shown in parenthesis.”–From the website.  The chart is from the Governors Highway Safety Association.