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The Scale of the Universe

This site provides a great visual demonstration of scale, from quantum foam and strings to the whole of the universe.

Campaign To End Blight — City of Memphis

This is Mayor A. C. Wharton’s Campaign To End Blight web page.    Mayor Wharton filed 138 lawsuits in civil court in an effort to reduce and remove blight in Memphis, TN.  The page contains a map and a list of the names and addresses of the property owners being sued.

Visualizing NFL Statistics

Just click on one of the categories, such as “Passing”, and click on the team emblem to see how the team’s quarterback is doing.  You can immediately see the statistics for the categories for each NFL team.

Best Jobs In America 2010 offers its list of the Best Jobs in America for 2010.  The list is divided yup by High Pay, Job Growth, Quality of Life, and Sectors.

Fiber-Optic Video Helped Rescue Chilean Miners

Thanks to Beth Dailey from Highland for passing this one along.

Great info on the phone/video system.  Lacks in pictures.–Beth


The Paris Review : Author Interviews

The Paris Review has all of its interveiws with authors available from the 1950’s to the present.

Database of Art Objects at the Jeu de Paume

The Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR), the “Special Task Force” headed by Adolf Hitler’s leading ideologue Alfred Rosenberg, was one of the main Nazi agencies engaged in the plunder of cultural valuables in Nazi-occupied countries during the Second World War. A particularly notorious operation by the ERR was the plunder of art from French Jewish and a number of Belgian Jewish collections from 1940 to 1944 that were brought to the Jeu de Paume building in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris for processing by the ERR Sonderstab Bildende Kunst or “Special Staff for Pictorial Art.”

This database brings together for the first time in searchable illustrated form the remaining registration cards and photographs produced by the ERR covering more than 20,000 art objects taken from Jews in German-occupied France and, to a lesser extent, in Belgium. Searchable by individual objects and by the owners from whom these objects were taken, the database is a detailed record of a small but important part of the vast seizure of cultural property that was integral to the Holocaust.”–From the Web site.

Stealth PACs Database

“In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, corporations and wealthy individuals are spending unprecedented amounts of money to sway the 2010 elections. Much of this activity is secret, with the money funneled through independent organizations that do not disclose their funding sources. This site tracks groups that are using large contributions from corporations, unions or wealthy individuals to influence the election.”–From the Web site.

Suicide Attack Database

“The Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism maintains a searchable database on all suicide attacks from 1981 to 2007 and additional years will be added. The database includes information about the location of attacks, the target type, the weapon used, and systematic information on the demographic and general biographical characteristics of suicide attackers. The database expands the breadth of the data available in English using native language sources (e.g., Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Tamil) that are likely to have the most extensive relevant information.”–From the Web site.

Internet World Stats

Internet World Stats is an International website that features up to date world Internet Usage, Population Statistics and Internet Market Research Data, for over 233 individual countries and world regions.”–From the Web site.

Make Your Own Timeline

“If you’re looking to create a visually compelling and interactive timeline with little fuss, Dipity might be worth a look. With Dipity, visitors can create their own timeline, and populate it with photos, video clips, text, and other items. The mission of Dipity is ‘to organize the web’s content by date and time’, and it is well suited for use by journalists, government organizations, teachers, and museums, among others. Visitors will need to create an account to get started, but the basic version remains free. Dipity is compatible with all operating systems.”

>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2010.

Top Ten Zip Codes For Political Contributions

CNBC offers this list of the top ten zip codes for campaign contributions.

ONE : National Gay & Lesbian Archives

“The ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives houses the world’s largest research library on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,and Transgendered heritage and concerns.”–From the Web site.

Bed Bug Database

(Thanks to Beth Dailey for passing this one along!)

A guide from the Environmental Protection Agency that can assist in identifying and treating bed bug infestations.  Includes a Q&A section and a search tool for locating pesticide products.

Audio Recordings of Oral Arguments Heard by the U. S. Supreme Court Will Be Made Free To The Public

“Beginning with October Term 2010, the audio recordings of all oral arguments heard by the Supreme Court of the United States will be available free to the public on the Court’s Web site, at the end of each argument week.  The audio recordings will be posted on Fridays after Conference.–From The WEB Site.