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Facebook: Most Popular Search Term & Most Visited Website in 2010, Hitwise Says

According to an article on Search Engine Land, Facebook was the most popular website in 2010 as well as the most popular Search term according to an end-of-the year report from Experian Hitwise.


Tennessee Public Chapters With 01/1/2011 Effective Date

You can find the Tennessee Public Chapters that will become effective 1/1/11 here, and you can go to:

which is the Tennessee General Assembly Public Acts Search Page and go to the Public Chapter number and click on it to see the full text of the Public Chapter.

2011 State Legislative Calendar

The National Conference of State Legislatures offers this calendar for when all of the states and U. S. territories will begin their legislative sessions and when they will end them.

Physician Compare

This database contains information on doctors enrolled in the Medicare program, as well as information on other health professionals, such as nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and others.