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COMPASS Test : Sample Questions and Help

Sample questions for the ACT COMPASS Test are found here.  You can download some PDF versions of the sample questions and the answers are included with the questions.

Also this website: can help.

And this website: can also help.

College and University Rankings

The University Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers this College and University Rankings page that offers rankings from many different sources on undergraduate and graduate schools, law schools, international colleges and universities, and more.

Where’s My Refund

Go to this IRS website to find out the status of your refund.

Box Office Guru

Find out how much many films grossed, the all-time movie blockbusters, a schedule of upcoming releases of new films, and more on this website.

Lowest Gas Prices

“Our gas price locator can help you find the cheapest gas prices in your area.”–From the website.  From Motor Trend.  Pick you state, then your county, and then your municipality.

Alternative Fuels —

Information here about alternative fuels such as ethanol, natural gas, propane and others.   Links to information about tax incentives, alternative fueling station locations are and more are found here.

Activities For ESL Students

Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language (ESL).  This project of The Internet TESL Journal ( has thousands of contributions by many teachers. “–From the website.

Terra USA

A search engine that is en espanol.

Music Treasures Consortium

“The Music Treasures Consortium provides online access to the world’s most valued music manuscripts and print materials, held at the most renowned music archives, in order to further research and scholarship.

Researchers can search or browse materials, access metadata about each item, and view digital images of the treasure via each custodial archive’s Web site. The consortial collection will grow as members add more materials.”–From the website.

InterAction Members Support Japan Tsunami Response

Links to a large number of agencies who are helping the Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims.  Also a link on how best to help:

Welcome To The Family Links website of the International Committee of the Red Cross

“For people seeking to restore contact with family members affected by the earthquake in Japan”–From the website.

The Costume Page : Costuming Resources Online

Numerous costume and costuming-related links are found here, to help those who study and/or make costumes, historical-re-enactors, theatrical costumers, and many more.