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Marriage Equality Act : New York State

The text of the Marriage Equality Act, which makes same sex marriage legal in New York State, is found here.

Lilian Jackson Braun Obituary offers its obituary for the famous and beloved mystery writer who died on June 4, 2011, at the age of 97.


E-Reader Ownership Doubles in Six Months

“The share of adults in the United States who own an e-book reader doubled to 12% in May, 2011 from 6% in November 2010. E-readers, such as a Kindle or Nook, are portable devices designed to allow readers to download and read books and periodicals. This is the first time since the Pew Internet Project began measuring e-reader use in April 2009 that ownership of this device has reached double digits among U.S. adults.”–From the website.

Social Networking Sites And Our Lives

From Pew Research Site:  “Questions have been raised about the social impact of widespread use of social networking sites (SNS) like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter. Do these technologies isolate people and truncate their relationships? Or are there benefits associated with being connected to others in this way? The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project decided to examine SNS in a survey that explored people’s overall social networks and how use of these technologies is related to trust, tolerance, social support, and community and political engagement.”

ebooks and ereaders in Academic and Public Libraries

This is a helpful study that was done in May, 2011, by the Poudre River Public Library System, Colorado State University, and Front Range Community College.

60 Apps in 60 Minutes

Various kinds of apps are presented here in this slidedeck.

Finding Information on the Internet : A Tutorial

UC-Berkely offers this tutorial on how to search the internet to find information, on how to evalute web pages, as well as offering style sheets for citing resources, a glossary of internet & web jargon, information on specific search tools, and more.

Free Literature

“Some places to obtain free ebooks”–From the website.

Festival Outlook

Festival Outlook is an online database of music festivals and concerts from around the world.  Search by festival name, location, lineup (artist or band) or date.  Entries provide known festival information and links to official websites.