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Interesting Things for ESL Students

“This web site is for people studying English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL). There are quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer assisted language learning activities. Even though the primary focus is for ESL, native English speakers may also find some interesting things on this site. This site is non-commercial and has no advertising. TESL/TEFL teachers may want to recommend this site to their students.”–From the website.

Sounds of English

This is a websited designed by two ESOL teachers for learners of English and their teachers.  Many helpful links, exercises, acitivities, and more.

Copies of the materials may be used only for educational and non-profit purposes.

Self-Study Quizzes For ESL Students

“These HTML-only “self-study” quizzes should work on any computer that is able to access the Web. These quizzes DO NOT require JavaScript, Java or a special plugin such as Flash. “–From the website.  Quizzes to hep with grammar, homonyms, idioms, and more.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection : Securing Our Borders

Much helpful information on exporting and importing and trade, including information on duties and tariffs, and links to helpful information, including to the Harmonized Trade Schedule.

“ provides information from various government agencies on what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond to bullying.” –From the website.

Historical Election Results — Presidential

“View the electoral votes, popular votes, electors, and certificates of past presidential elections.”–From the NARA Electoral College web page.

Web Sites For Book Lovers

The Morton Grove Public Library offers this very extensive list of links to web sites on books, including many that will help a reader find a good book.