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College Scorecard

From the White House Blog:  “The interactive College Scorecard gives students and families five key pieces of data about a college: costs, graduation rate, loan default rate, average amount borrowed, and employment.”  Users can search by name, location, type of college, area of interest or other popular criteria.

New Evidence Supports Asteroid or Comet Impact Being the Cause of the Extinction of the Dinosaurs

Scientists at the Berkeley Geochronology Center (BGC), the University of California, Berkeley, and universities in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have issued a report in an article in the Journal Science  [Science 8 February 2013: Vol. 339 no. 6120 pp. 684-687. DOI: 10.1126/science 1230492.  Time Scales of Critical Events Around the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary.] in which they offer the resluts of their study of the events around the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.  They offer more evidence that the impact of an asteroid or comet was at the least the death blow for dinosaurs 66 million years ago.


Near Earth Object Program – NASA

NASA offers its Sentry Risk Table, which “lists potential future Earth impact events that the JPL Sentry System has detected based on currently available observations. Click on the object designation to go to a page with full details on that object.”–From the website.

FDA-Approved Anti-HIV Medications

The following table [you see it when you click on the link] lists anti-HIV medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of HIV in the United States. The medications are presented by drug class and identified by generic name/acronym and brand name. ” –From the website.

In addition, the FDA has given GlaxoSmithKline’s anti-HIV drug dolutegravir priority status because it has shown promise in clinical trials, and GlaxoSmithKline will know by August 17, 2013 if the FDA approves the drug for sale to the public.

Census Bureau to Release New Features in American FactFinder

“The U.S. Census Bureau today released new features for American FactFinder, an online data tool that allows users to access a variety of Census Bureau statistics, including decennial, American Community Survey and economic census statistics. The new features include a simplified main page design, the option for a guided search and an enhanced community facts tool, providing options for both novice and advanced data users.”–From the website.  Also, links on the page to web pages that have specific informatin about the new features.

International Architecture Database

From the website: “This database includes information over more than 44000 built and unrealized projects from various architects and planners. The architecture of the 20th century is the main theme of this database.

It’s possible to look for a special project via an architect, town or keyword with the indices or by using a query form. For most entries you get the name, address, keywords and information about further literature. Some entries include images, comments, links to other Websites or internal links.”