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Popular New Years Resolutions

“These New Year’s resolutions are popular every year. Here’s information that  can help you achieve your goals in 2014.”– From the website. offers on its site a list of New Year’s Resolutions that are popular every year.  If you click on a Resolution you can find information that will help you achieve it.

Best Online Programs

U. S. News and World Report offers its ranking of the best online bachelor’s and graduate degree programs nationwide.

New Free Reading Tool Available for Blind and Physically Disabled

“People who have trouble reading standard print books due to visual or other physical disabilities have a new tool at their disposal: An application that allows them to download books and magazines in audio and digital braille formats onto mobile devices free of charge.

The new BARD Mobile application is compatible with Apple iOS operating systems for versions 4.3 or later. These include iPhones of version 3 or later, iPod Touch versions 4 or later, and all versions of iPad.

The application was developed by the National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, which is part of the Library of Congress. Tennessee users must already be registered to use the Tennessee Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped’s Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) service in order to use the application.

Using a BARD user identification number and password, users can download the BARD Mobile application from the Apple App store. That will allow access to BARD’s web page, where books can be downloaded immediately.

There are more than 34,000 audio books and 12,000 digital braille books available for download through BARD with new titles being added daily. This includes a selection of more than 120 audio books in 10 different foreign languages.

The BARD web page has been operational since 2010. Prior to the release of the new mobile application, users were able to download books onto personal computers. Those files could then be retrieved and transferred to a digital talking book player or MP3 device designed especially for the blind and visually impaired.

The new application does not require files to be transferred. They can be downloaded and played on the same device, which makes BARD’s service easier to use.

BARD’s service has become increasingly popular. In the fiscal year that ended September 30, more than 62,000 books and magazines were downloaded by users – an increase of 29 percent over the previous fiscal year. The total number of BARD patrons increased 12 percent over the same time period.

“BARD is a wonderful service that makes books and magazines available to people who have difficulty reading standard print books,” Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. “This new mobile application should make the service even more popular since it’s easier to use. This is one more way we are trying to use technology to provide better service to our customers, the citizens of Tennessee.”

The Tennessee Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is part of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, which is a division within the Secretary of State’s office.”–From the website.

Mapping Uninsured Americans

This interactive map allows you to see the people uninsured in America down to the Census Tract level.

Thanks to Alex Peyton, at the Cordova Branch, for this site.

Newtown Connecticut School Shooting – Official Report

Report of the State’s Attorney for the
Judicial District of Danbury on the
Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and
36 Yogananda Street,
Newtown, Connecticut on
December 14, 2012

Stephen J. Sedensky III, State’s Attorney
November 25, 2013


“City or country? Bike or drive to work? Beach or mountains?  Download the U.S. Census Bureau’s dwellr app today to discover the top 25 U.S. cities and towns that best fit your lifestyle. Whether you prefer the bright lights of the big city or wide open spaces, dwellr powers your phone with neighborhood-level statistics on topics such as home values, education, and how people get to work so that you can explore where you want to dwell. Once you’ve found your dream neighborhood, take dwellr with you wherever you go.’–From the website.


“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as the health care law, is the most retrieved item in the history of the U.S. Government Printing Office’s (GPO) Federal Digital System (FDsys). The health care law has experienced approximately 13 million retrievals since the law was passed in March 2010 and nearly 9 million retrievals in the year 2013. GPO launched FDsys in January 2009 to serve as a one-stop site to authentic, published Government information. Today, FDsys has 900 thousand titles available and has experienced nearly 900 million total retrievals.”–From the website.

Also a link to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: 

Credit Repair Information

“The Tennessee Consumer Protection Act § 47-18-1001 requires Credit Services Businesses, also known as Credit Repair Companies, to register with the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs and to obtain a $100,000 Surety Bond. This bond is for the consumer’s protection against fraudulent business practices. These companies are also required to allow consumers five (5) business days to cancel a contract for service.”–From the Tennessee Consumer Affairs Division web page.

Consumer can click on a link on this page to find the companies that have complied with this law.

Also there are links to documents that are designed to help consumers learn more about credit service businesses, credit repair, and debt management plans.

Federal law allows you to obtain a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.  And you get your free credit reports through this website.

VERIFY.TN.GOV – License Search and Verification

For professions in Tennessee:  “[Y]ou can verify the license status of people in dozens of professions, including home improvement/contractors, real estate agents, security guards, cosmetologists, and many more. To see what professions you can search for, when you enable the search form, select from the “professions” pull-down menu.”–From the website.

Get a Copy of Your Tennessee Driving History

New from the State of Tennessee website, information is found her on how you can get an official copy of your Tennessee driving history, also known as a motor vehicle record or MVR.

Want To Change Tomorrow? Start With Us Today : Latino Memphis Community Impact Report

This is the Community Impact Report from Latino Memphis.  It gives much good information and good statistics on the Latino community in the Memphis area.