VERIFY.TN.GOV – License Search and Verification

For professions in Tennessee:  “[Y]ou can verify the license status of people in dozens of professions, including home improvement/contractors, real estate agents, security guards, cosmetologists, and many more. To see what professions you can search for, when you enable the search form, select from the “professions” pull-down menu.”–From the website.

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8 responses to “VERIFY.TN.GOV – License Search and Verification”

  1. Jack McDaniel says :

    Can not find my education courses completed to date. Got on and could not find information needed. Help.

  2. James Yow says :

    need to verify that my license has been renewed

  3. Larry (Tommy) Thomas Sain says :

    Got to and could not find information concerning my license. License #0331595

  4. William says :

    It’s UNBELIEVABLE the Category list DOES NOT CONTAIN “CONTRACTORS”! We have a painter who claims his company is a Licensed General Contractor. Neither he nor his company is found on the Board for Licensing Contractors nor in any of the categories on this page! ! ! !

  5. Cathy says :

    Once again attempting to use your sight to verify a building contractor in Sevierville Tn who has been in business since 1999-no record to be found and error creating footer left bottom corner comes up-This is the third time this has happened to me in an attempt to verify any license.

  6. Cathy says :

    As of March of 2019 I can see the complaints of hard working Tn taxes payers fall on deaf ears. It is impossible to access licensing verification of most professions, at the present time I’m referring to custom cabinet makers which fall under contractors-to no avail-How can one verify anything when a site is never updated? How does one protect themselves against unscrupulous contractors?

    • Cathy says :

      Today is Tuesday,April 23,2019 and I have as of yet have not heard from anyone concerning my complaint dated March 9,2019. Does any one ever read these comments never mind address them? Cathy

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