VERIFY.TN.GOV – License Search and Verification

For professions in Tennessee:  “[Y]ou can verify the license status of people in dozens of professions, including home improvement/contractors, real estate agents, security guards, cosmetologists, and many more. To see what professions you can search for, when you enable the search form, select from the “professions” pull-down menu.”–From the website.


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5 responses to “VERIFY.TN.GOV – License Search and Verification”

  1. Jack McDaniel says :

    Can not find my education courses completed to date. Got on and could not find information needed. Help.

  2. James Yow says :

    need to verify that my license has been renewed

  3. Larry (Tommy) Thomas Sain says :

    Got to and could not find information concerning my license. License #0331595

  4. William says :

    It’s UNBELIEVABLE the Category list DOES NOT CONTAIN “CONTRACTORS”! We have a painter who claims his company is a Licensed General Contractor. Neither he nor his company is found on the Board for Licensing Contractors nor in any of the categories on this page! ! ! !

  5. Cathy says :

    Once again attempting to use your sight to verify a building contractor in Sevierville Tn who has been in business since 1999-no record to be found and error creating footer left bottom corner comes up-This is the third time this has happened to me in an attempt to verify any license.

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