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How U. S. Students Compare Internationally

“[S}tatistics that show U.S. 15-year-old students scored below average in math and about average in science and reading – and their scores have been mostly flat in the last decade – when compared with their international peers.”–From the C-SPAN’S America By The Numbers, U. S. Census webpage.

Detailed information, data, statistics comparing students in the United States and students in foreign countries.


Employment Projections in the U. S.

Information here from C-SPAN’S America by the Numbers, U. S. Census web page, on the U. S. Future Job Outlook,  including information on the fastest growing occupations, data showing that conditions will spur a fast growth in healthcare occupations, and more.


Household Food Security and SNAP

“Mark Nord, a sociologist in the Food Assistance Branch at the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, discusses data that show about 47 million Americans (1 in 7) get assistance from food stamps, now called SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). The 80 percent increase since 2007 reflects higher food insecurity and unemployment in the wake of the recession.”–From the C-SPAN’S America By The Numbers, U. S. Census web page.  Data, information, statistics here on the SNAP program.

Keyboard Tutorial and Typing Test

An online typing practice page that has 16 lessons that will help anyone learn how to type or improve their skills.  A user sits at his or her computer and completes each lesson.  Free to use, of course, but some advertising on the site.


Introducing Google Maps Gallery

“Maps Gallery works like an interactive, digital atlas. You can explore historic city plans, climate trends, housing affordability, shipwrecks and up-to-date evacuation routes. In addition to finding these maps through Maps Gallery, they can be viewed in Google Earth and are discoverable through major search engines.”–From the site. 

Direct Link to Google Maps Gallery:



Resume website

Resume website:

Go to:

Click on Career Tools

Click on Career Transitions

Then click on Write a Resume or Write a Cover Letter 

Just fill in the blanks and it will generate a resume for you.

Thanks to Hollye Ferguson for this post.



Free Certificate Courses

From Open Culture, a list of free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), with most offering certificates.