Europeana, 1914-1918

“<link href=”/assets/v2.1/stylesheets/noscript.css?locale=en.css” media=”all” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” />/assets/v2.1/javascripts/respond.js?locale=en.jsEuropeana 1914-1918 – Europeana 1914-1918 brings together resources from three major European projects each dealing with different types of First World War material. The result is an archive that allows the national collections of libraries to sit beside personal stories and treasures and important film archives. Together, this creates a unique perspective of the First World War, showing it from every side of the battle lines and with insights from every point of view. Over time, even more material will be added to this archive so please keep coming back!”–From the website.  You can add your family’s personal story.


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