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Finding titles within Series Lists

This site was introduced by Gina, Humanities Manager:

Probably just about every reference staff member has been asked for the next book in a series.  Or even been asked for a more vague title search.  Not knowing the title is part of a series, sometimes it is difficult to find that book by its title or even by author.

This site lists different series by the author’s last name.  If the author has written more than one series, every title will be listed within that particular series in order of publication date.  There are also pictures of the books’ covers- just in case you’re still not quite sure that is what you’re looking for.

Very user-friendly site with a lot of useful information.

Thanks, Gina!

Finding your web-identity

We have all done it.  We all have googled ourselves or someone we know.  This website searches your name across Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Bing, and then places the name into relevant categories while searching the site.

Finding your next great book

This site is very helpful when customers or even staff members have finished a great book and want another book that is comparable.  Only the title and the author of the first book is needed to be able to get the website’s recommendations.

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Thanks to Kay Due in Administration for telling about this website from the American Public Health Association (APHA.)

The following information is from the site:

“When it’s time to change your clocks because of daylight saving time, remember to check your preparedness kit to make sure your emergency stockpile isn’t missing any items and that the food hasn’t expired. APHA’s Get Ready: Set Your Clocks, Check Your Stocks campaign is reminding people to refresh their emergency supplies before a disaster occurs.”

Thanks, Kay!

Job Website for Senior Workers

In these distressing economic times, many people are not able to retire at the traditional age of 65 like previous generations did.  This particular website is directed toward seniors looking for job assistance.  It gives information about resume’ building, career fairs, or even jobs for senior citizens.

Supporting our U.S. Troops overseas

My father brought this site to my attention on Veteran’s Day. and the nonprofit website,, are partnering this site.  Choosing from more than several designs, people can send a postcard online to our soldiers overseas.  The site just  asks for your name, hometown, and any message the site provides, and viola– your postcard has been sent.

(Note:  The site does state because of the bulk of mail sent out, no confirmation email can be sent to the person sending the postcard.)

Thanks to my dad for the tip, and to our soldiers because…

Interactive Neighborhood Watch Program

This website was intoduced to the members of Staff Organization by Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery.  Filling in basic information such as your name, home address,  phone numbers, and email address, users will receive email alerts of  local crime in their neighborhoods.  Because the site is offered by the Memphis Police Department (or the Blue Crush, as it has been nicknamed)the records are accurate and updated daily.

One of the best things since the remote control

Not exactly sure where to look for your favorite sites?  This one site has compiled a rather large group of various websites’ icons to direct users.  Just “point and click” with your mouse,  and you will be linked to the site itself.

Free books!

“Do you remember the magic of your first book?”  This nonprofit organization provides free books to children who are in financial need.

Outreach for teens in need

This site was brought to the attention of the Children’s Services  and Teen Services Lists by Shelley Moore of Raleigh. The site was located by Doris Dixon, also of Raleigh.

Unfortunately, abusive teen relationships exist in our society, but perhaps, with all the links and resources stemming from the site itself, these upsetting encounters will disappear.

Thanks, Shelley, for promoting the site, and to Doris for locating the site!

Inspiring Young Readers

From Norvel Adams-Walker, East Region Manager

Best-selling author James Patterson has a new website encouraging children to read. The site is geared toward newborns to ages 10 and up. Patterson has selected several age-appropriate titles and even divided the books into various genres for the older ones.  This website is eye-catching as well as educational so it should appeal to kids and adults as all are trying to find something new to read.

Thanks, Norvel!

Translating while typing

This is a fascinating site that a customer showed my co-worker.  While you are typing in English, and depending on the language setting chosen, your words are translated in Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, or Greek.

Organ Donations in the Tennessee Area

From the website:

  • Tennessee Donor Services (TDS) is a nonprofit, independent organization authorized by the Federal Government to accept anatomical gifts liver, lungs, kidneys, intestine or pancreas).
  • TDS’ designated service area includes 84 counties in Tennessee and  8 counties in Virginia.
  • The mission of Tennessee Donor Services is to support families in our communities who have sustained the loss of a loved one by providing an opportunity for organ, eye and tissue donation and by facilitating the recovery and transplantation of these gifts to help others in need. 
  • Avoiding scams in the name of charity

    Almost everyone I know enjoys contributing to their favorite charities.  But, in this tough economy, no one needs to be scammed- especially not in the name of a charity.  The American Institute of Philanthropy has put together this website to inform the public which charities are legitimate as well as the ones (unfortunately) who are not.  Also, and are other informative sites of this nature.

    Awareness of self-asphyxiation in children

    75 percent of children (ages 9-16) have heard of or even played the “choking game,”  according to this website.   But, what’s even worse, according to the site, 25 percent of the parents do not know about the game, including parents of some victims.  This website is hosted by the Dangerous Adolescent Behavior Foundation, and gives the games’ other slang names as well as warning signs if a child has been participating in this dangerous activity.  The site is to raise awareness about this tragedy before any other senseless death occur.