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2013 America the Beautiful Quarters – Mount Rushmore National Memorial

“The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is the fifth of 2013 and the 20th overall in the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.”–From the website.

Vintage Christmas Catalogs

From Wayne Dowdy (History):

This site “has scanned copies of Christmas catalogs from the 1940s to the 1980s.  The catalogs are complete and would be helpful to students looking for historical pricing information as well as to those looking for nostalgia.”

Automobile Information and Pricing


Kelley Blue Book

Most of our locations carry the NADA guides for vehicle pricing information or the “blue book value” of a car, but these sites can help you if you don’t have the print source at hand.  The NADA site covers new & used automobiles, classic cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and manufactured homes.  The Kelley Blue Book site covers new and used automobiles, and it is a good site for dealer information and reviews.

Vintage Toy Encyclopedia

From Neat New Stuff:

“For each toy, there’s an image and a brief history; in some cases, there’s also info about its current value on the collectibles market.”

Presidential $1 Coins$1coin/index.cfm

Information from the US Mint on the upcoming release of the $1 coins featuring past presidents.  Includes designs and release schedules.

Early Medieval Cartography, 400-1300 AD

Cartography is an important but oft-overlooked aspect of historical study. The maps people drew tell us more about themselves than the world they inhabited. Medieval cartographers had to rediscover the lost art of mapmaking after the 500 year-long era commonly called the Dark Ages. Their maps placed the Earth (and humanity) at the center of a divinely-ordered cosmos. As inaccurate as they may have been from a geographical standpoint, we are nonetheless very lucky they survived. Not only are they incredibly aesthetic, but they also tell us a great deal about the Medieval world’s perception of itself and its place in the universe. To view a massive collection of these maps, make sure to visit the following web address:

Hosted by the Henry Davis mapmaking consulting company, this database includes a timeline of Medieval cartography, a bibliography and countless medieval maps, all of which are accompanied by an essay describing the map in question. I promise you, you’ll enjoy this website.

 Happy Searching!

Gregg Newby, History Dept.

How to Find Out-of-Print Books

From Marylaine Block, this informative page offers advice on tracking down out-of-print books, as well as links to dealers.


Wikicars is a new wiki that covers all things automotive.  Users can find specs, histories and other general information about all types of makes and models.  As it is a wiki, and anyone can post information, the site also offers a lot of opinions and reviews.  Also includes information about hybrid vehicles and famous cars.