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Recall Issued for Bread Sold at Area Schnucks

Check out either link for details on the recall or contact numbers, but briefly…Sara Lee has recalled nine bread items that contain metal shavings:

Earth Grains Honey Wheatberry Cottage Style UPC: 50400-72709

Earth Grains 24 oz. Natural Wheat Berry with Honey UPC: 50400-72748

Earth Grains 24 oz. Natural Seven Grain Round Top UPC: 50400-72747

Earth Grains 24 oz. Natural Stone Ground Whole Wheat UPC: 50400-72746

Sara Lee Delightful Wheat UPC: 72945-71706

Sara Lee 24 oz. 100% Whole Wheat with Honey UPC: 72945-60152

Sara Lee 24 oz. 100% Whole Wheat Wide Pan UPC: 72945-60157

Sara Lee 24 oz. 100% Multi Grain Wide Pan UPC: 72945-60158

Schnucks Wheat Bread Sandwich Style UPC: 24126-01044


Kidnetic is a site that is chock full of things for kids to do–especially in the summer.  The goal is to get kids thinking, doing and moving, but there are online games as well.  Kids can also find child-friendly recipes, games to play inside or outside and fun topics to learn more about.

The Ultimate Grilling Guide

Happy 4th to all!,21861,1184176-1193126,00.html

RealSimple has put together this guide to grilling and summer entertaining.  On the left hand column are links to numerous other articles and recipes.

BBQ History

In honor of the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest:

From the Library of Congress’ Science Reference Guide series, this is a bibliography for materials on the history of BBQ.  It includes books, articles and web resources. 

Good luck to any and all who are taking part in this year’s competition!

(See also)

Wheel of Food

OK, so it’s not exactly a reference site.  Although, this will link you to maps and reviews of restaurants.  But mostly, it’s just kind of cool…

Can’t decide where to go for lunch?  Use the Wheel of Food!  Enter in a zip code and spin the wheel to get a suggestion (with the aforementioned link to maps and reviews).  I just hope you don’t land on “Skip Lunch.”

Restaurant Inspection Scores

From the Tennessee Department of Health, search for statewide restaurant inspection scores.

Modifying Recipes 

(On the sidebar, choose Food & Nutrition–Preparation–Modifying Recipes.)

Today’s Commercial Appeal has an article discussing this site from Extension Infonet, a joint project of University of Missouri Extension and Kansas State University Research and Extension.

Links are provided for guidance in modifying recipes to suit various dietary needs, as well as suggesting substitutions for unavailable ingredients.

Also on this site–Very useful sections on Food Preparation, Preservation, and Nutrition.

Vegetarian (and Vegan) Holiday Recipes

The Vegetarian Kitchen provides recipes for vegetarian and vegan-friendly Thanksgiving meals.  The site also contains a “Recipes Galore” section with year-round favorites and suggestions for other special occasions.

All Things Converted

With the tap of a few computer keys you can now convert any quantity from one measurement system to another.  The online conversion calculator is a massive interactive website, which enables the user to make conversions in weight, mass, temperature, speed, area, volume, and so on. You can figure out how many pinches of sugar it takes to make a cupfull. Or you can figure out the area of your backyard in centimeters. No matter what it is you wish to convert, it can be done here. How many stilb does it take to make a footlambert? How old are you in dog years? If you have 150 Botswanan Pula, how many American dollars will that fetch you? These and just about any other variety of conversion-related question can be answered by using the numerous calculators found at:

Happy converting!

Gregg Newby, History Dept.

Spinach and E. coli Outbreak

The FDA has created a hot topics page for news of the Spinach/E. coli outbreak.  The page indexes the press releases and provides links to the CDC, Food Safety Info and a Q & A page.

Local Harvest

This site provides a national directory of farmers’ markets, food co-ops, farms, and restaurants that sell locally grown produce.  It also includes the LocalHarvest Store, which sells family-farmed and organic items on the web.

Oceans Alive: Eat Smart

From the Librarians’ Internet Index:

 “A collection focusing on health and environmental aspects of seafood. Provides a FAQ on seafood and health, an evaluation of fish oil supplements, a seafood selector (indicating health and environmental concerns), a seafood buying guide, and a recipe collection. From the nonprofit organization Environmental Defense.”

Barbecue Food Safety

From the Librarians’ Internet Index, in honor of the Memphis In May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest:

Tips for safe outdoor grilling of meat and poultry. Topics include defrosting, marinating, transporting, keeping cold food cold and hot food hot, cleanliness, precooking, thorough cooking, reheating, serving, leftovers, safe smoking, pit roasting, and cancer risks from high-heat grilling. From the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).