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Festival Outlook

Festival Outlook is an online database of music festivals and concerts from around the world.  Search by festival name, location, lineup (artist or band) or date.  Entries provide known festival information and links to official websites.

The 2010 Holiday Season

The U. S. Census Bureau offers many holiday-related facts and figures from its data collection.

The Official Kwanzaa Web Site

This is the web site of the founder of the Kwanzaa holiday, Dr. Maulana Karenga.   Much information here on Kwanzaa, including a Frequently Asked Questions page that contains much good information.

Thanksgiving — Bureau of Labor Statistics

This is an interesting site on which the BLS gives provides economic and labor statistics relating to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Gale Cengage Learning, the Library of Congress Law Library, and the Census Bureau have all offered sites that provide information on Hispanic Heritage Month 2009, which is celebrated from September 15 to October 15 each year.

Learn About the United States of America offers links to governmental sites that provide information on America’s history, culture, symbols, holidays, the Constitution, time zones, weather, and much more.

Vintage Christmas Catalogs

From Wayne Dowdy (History):

This site “has scanned copies of Christmas catalogs from the 1940s to the 1980s.  The catalogs are complete and would be helpful to students looking for historical pricing information as well as to those looking for nostalgia.”

Thanks to Caroline Barnett, Cordova Public Library Branch manager, for passing this along:

The Arbor Day Foundation offers a Tree Guide here, which provides detailed information of dozens of commonly planted landscape trees, an online guide to tree identification, information on the Arbor Day holiday, including its history, and more.

Federal Holidays Through 2020

The U. S. Office of Personnel Management provides a list of federal holidays for each year through 2020.

A fun site for Midsouth kids and their parents

This is a fun, informative site that is “the must-have website for Midsouth moms and dads.”

Internet Sacred Text Archive

An extensive, archive of online books on religion, mythology, and folklore, including online versions of the sacred texts of the world religions.

Interfaith Calendar : Primary Sacred Times For World Religions

A calendar of the sacred dates for the religions of the world.  Also information on different world religions.

Tennessee Local Legacies–The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has registersed 1,300 local legacies which are the local events, community festivals, and other grassroots activities within each state that celebrate the cultural diversity and richness of its citizens.  Here are found the Tennessee Local Legacies.  The Library of Congress Local Legacies page provides more information about the project and provides links to every states’ local legacies.

A fun site for Valentine’s Day

Okay, somebody had to acknowledge this holiday… either you love it or hate it.  This site offers the historical AND fun parts of St. Valentine’s Day.  Enjoy!

Local Kwanzaa Events

From an email sent by Audrey May (LINC):

“FYI – here is the link to the listing of some local Kwanzaa events sponsored by Kwanzaa International in Memphis, from the 12/20/07 Tri-State Defender:

(especially since the article states that ‘Kwanzaa schedules are available at public library branches and other locations.’)

The contact number for Kwanzaa International is included in the article – but I wouldn’t use the KI-Memphis website as it does not appear to have been updated since last year.”