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USPTO Bulk Downloads: Patents

Free bulk download of Patent Grants, Patent Applications Publications, and other patent data is available.

Identity Archives Project

“Welcome to the Identity Archives Project – a keyword-searchable database of logos and brand identity designs from around the world. … There’s no need to register, and use of the database is free and open to designers, brand managers, marketing professionals, educators, students, brand identity design enthusiasts, and the general public.”–From the Web site.  Also from the Web site:  “If you are planning or designing a new logo, researching brand identity design, or exploring the design landscape of your region or industry, the Identity Archives Project’s database will be an immensely useful tool for drilling-down into the descriptive, subjective, and conceptual elements that make each logo design unique (or not).”

Patents & Trademarks

New resource guides on Patents and Trademarks have been added to the Resource Guides page. 

Many thanks to Christina Barnes (Business/Sciences) for sharing these pathfinders!

[Don’t forget, if you have a pathfinder or resource guide that you would like to share, I’d love to post it!  Thanks!  -Sarah]

Google Patent Search

Thanks to Kevin Dixon (Staff Development) for pointing out this new Google feature!

Built on the same technology as Google Book Search, Google Patents searches the entire available database from the US Patent and Trademark Office.  At this time, it’s probably suggested that a serious searcher continue to use the official search at the USPTO site, but this interface is much easier for the novice!

MIND: Modern Inventors Documentation Program

This database aims to guide researchers to invention-oriented collections throughout the United States.  It is designed as a finding tool; full text is unavailable through the site.  But, for each collection, a brief summary and history is provided. Users can search by keyword or by collection.