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Writings of the Early Church Fathers

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library offers a 38-volume collection of the writings of the early Church Fathers here.

Catholic Online Saints and Angels

“Catholic Online provides over five million pages of content including the largest online historical and biblical database about the Catholic Church including comprehensive information about over 7,000 Catholic saints and comprehensive online scriptures from all books of the Old and New Testament.”–From the website.

The ARDA : Association of Religion Data Archives

“The Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) strives to democratize access to the best data on religion. Founded as the American Religion Data Archive in 1997 and going online in 1998, the initial archive was targeted at researchers interested in American religion. The targeted audience and the data collection have both greatly expanded since 1998, now including American and international collections and developing features for educators, journalists, religious congregations, and researchers.”–From the website.  Quality Data on Religion found here.  Comprehensive information.

Atheist Alliance International For A Secular World

“Atheist Alliance International (AAI) is a global federation of atheist and freethought groups and individuals, committed to educating its members and the public about atheism, secularism and related issues.”–From the website.

Beliefnet : Inspiration Spirituality Faith

This site provides information on all faiths, with links to news and discussions about different faiths, as well as links to sacred texts, prayers, and more.

All-in-One Biblical Resources Search

Over 25 Bible and religious study resources, searchable by keyword or phrase, found here.

“We invite you to begin a journey of clicks to explore this site thoroughly. We hope that this journey is a source of education and enlightenment. If you are not a Muslim, then let this site serve as a means of introducing Islam to you, and provide you with options for exploring the beauty of this religion further. If you are a Muslim, then let this site serve as a repository for advancing your knowledge about Islam further.”–From the website.

Papal Encyclicals Online

“Your guide to online Papal and other official documents of the Catholic Church.”–From the Web site.

oremus Bible Browser

Free, easy-to-use Bible browser that lets you find verses very quickly from different versions of the Bible.

Database of Megachurches in the U. S.

The Hartford Institute For Religion Research offers this searchable database of megachurches in the United States.   There is a link to a definition of a megachurch on the web site.

Post-Reformation Digital Library

This site provides links to resources where original resources from the post-Reformation age can be found in digitized form.

Blue Letter Bible

The Blue Letter Organization offers this Web site which allows a search by word or phrase of 14 different versions of the Holy Bible. : Religion Story Ideas and Sources

Though a site for journalists by journalists, this site has much information on current issues relating to churches and on many other religious topics that could be of interest and help to anyone.

Great Books Index

This site offers links to online English translations of  many of the great books of the world.