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American League Baseball Red Book and National League Green Book Scrapped in 2009

According to this ESPN story from 2009 Major League Baseball scrapped the American League Baseball Red Book and the National League Green Book in 2009.


This is the full text of the “Wells Report” that offers the findings of Ted Wells and others who were commissioned by the NFL to investigate the bullying of Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Wells.

Visualizing NFL Statistics

Just click on one of the categories, such as “Passing”, and click on the team emblem to see how the team’s quarterback is doing.  You can immediately see the statistics for the categories for each NFL team.

The Business of Football, 2010

These are Forbes’ articles on the business of professional football teams, including the valuation and rankings of NFL teams nd the list of highest paid NFL players.   The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable team, being worth $1.8 billion.  Peyton Manning is highest paid player, set to earn $15.8 million for the 2010 season.

Accademic Progress Rate – National Collegiate Athletic Association

This database shows how student-athletes are doing academically at NCAA institutions.

NFL Arrests Database

“These are arrests and citations involving NFL players since 2000 that were more serious than speeding tickets. The San Diego Union-Tribune reviewed hundreds of news reports and public records in compiling it. The list cannot be considered comprehensive in part because some incidents may not have been reported and some public records proved to be elusive. Increased media coverage of incidents also probably accounts for more incidents listed in recent years.”–From the website.  You can look at the complete list or search by name, position, or team.

Plan Your Summer National Park Adventure

The National Park Service offers this site to provide information and links to help you plan your summer national park vacation.

Athletes : 2010 Winter Olympics

A list of all athletes and a bit of infomation on all of the athletes participating in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver is found here.  You can see a complete list or search by specific sport.

Facts For Features : Super Bowl XLIV

The U. S. Census offers this Facts for Features which provides demographics on the host city of the 2010 Super Bowl, Miami, and also demographics for the cities of both Super Bowl teams, New Orleans and Indianapolis.

Verified Major League Baseball Players on Twitter

“Here is the only official, comprehensive list of all verified authentic Major Leaguer Baseball players on Twitter”–From the Web site.

Baseball Resources at the Library of Congress

Much information, from the Library of Congress, including essays, photographs, exhibition pages, and more, on the game of baseball.

University of Memphis Public Infractions Report, August 20, 2009

This is the full text of the 26-page report released by the NCAA that stripped the University of Memphis of its 38 victories during the 2007-2008 college basketball season and its 2008 Final Four appearance.