How To Contribute

This blog is intended to serve as a forum for sharing reference resources and websites.  All posts should adhere to the following basic outline:

Name of Resource or Call Number

Please provide a brief annotation for the resource.  Helpful comments could include what the resource might be useful for, how best to access it, and any other details you find to be pertinent.

To join the blogging team, please send an email to ‘williamsp’ or ‘friersons’ and copy your manager.

If you would simply like to suggest a resource for inclusion, please email the information and it will be posted for you.

Thank you!

4 responses to “How To Contribute”

  1. Eric Strand says :

    Hello, I noticed your post on GetHuman and Hardtofind 800 numbers. This site may interest you as well. They also have numbers by product, for example Apple Iphone customer service. Cheers and thank you for the nice blog!

  2. Chris Abatecola says :

    What It Costs is a consumer information resource providing prices and advice for goods and services.

  3. Laura says : is a consumer Web site geared toward those with limited literacy skills or limited time.

    Features of the award-winning site include:
    -Quick-reference health guides with facts, actions, and Start Today tips
    -Personalized health recommendations based on age and sex and interactive tools like menu planners, calorie counters, videos, and online checkups
    -Printable information on specific disease prevention topics that consumers can take with them or e-mail to a friend or family member including lists of questions consumers can take to the doctor
    -Links to information from more than 1,600 Government and nonprofit organizations
    -Tools to locate health care providers including federally funded health centers that care for patients, even if they do not have health insurance
    -Calendar of National Health Observances that you can use to coordinate health promotion events at your library.

  4. C. White says :

    A free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation

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