Earth Day, April 22, 2016

“April 22, 2016, marks the 46th anniversary of Earth Day ― a day intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. Organizers started Earth Day in response to a massive oil spill in waters near Santa Barbara, Calif., in 1969. In honor of Earth Day ― and Earth Week (April 18-22) ― this edition of Profile America Facts for Features includes examples of Census Bureau statistics pertaining to energy and the environment.”–From the website.

Activities for ESL Students

Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language (ESL)
This project of The Internet TESL Journal ( has thousands of contributions by many teachers.”–From the website.

“Optimized for Speed & Ease of Use … No Advertising, No Nonessential Images, No CGI, No SSI, No PHP, No ASP, No CFM, Minimal HTML, No Nonsense.  Our pages should work even if your browser is not compliant with the newest web standards.”–From the website.

New York Public Library – Our Most Recommended Books of 2015

From the New York Public website:  “Before we launch headlong into a new year of books, here in Readers Services, we thought it might be fun to reflect on the 365234298657 billion books (an exact number) we recommended in 2015.”

Zika Virus – Centers For Disease Control

This the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) Zika Virus page.  It contains comprehensive information about the Zika virus, which has been declared a worldwide emergency by World Health Organization. : The Cyber Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre, Film & Television

Provides a history of musicals, including theatre, in film, and television.  There is a timeline of musicals, a photo gallery and much more.


Didaskalia : The Journal for Ancient Performance

“Didaskalia is an English-language, online publication about the performance of Greek and Roman drama, dance, and music.  We publish double blind, peer-reviewed scholarship on performance as well as reviews of the professional activity of artists and scholars who work on ancient drama.

We welcome submissions on any aspect of the field, and we provide a uniquely friendly venue for publishing sound, image, and video evidence.  If you would like your work to be reviewed, please write to at least three weeks in advance of the performance date.  We also seek interviews with practitioners and opinion pieces.”– From the website.

Good Health Habits at 60 and Beyond

“This site is operated by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), a national medical organization representing more than 120,900 family physicians, family practice residents, and medical students. All of the information on this site has been written and reviewed by physicians and patient education professionals at the AAFP. Visit the to learn more about the AAFP.

The links on the left provide additional information about AAFP welcomes your feedback.

The information provided on this site is for general educational purposes only. It is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical advice. Any concerns or questions you have about your health or the health of your family should be discussed with your family physician. Please note that medical information is constantly changing. Therefore some information may be out of date.

Reading Weather Maps

“Weather forecasts, … , provide critical information to many people, including farmers, construction workers, and those planning a trip to the beach. In severe weather situations, short-term forecasts and warnings can help save lives and protect property. But how does one take the wealth of weather information that is available and make a prediction from it?

In the sections that follow, we examine features to look for on weather maps to make a forecasts, general methods of preparing a forecast, and more specific tips for specific scenarios.”–From the website.

MacTutor History of Mathematics

Includes biographies of over 1100 mathematicians and many special indexes.

Free Online Learning at GCFLearnFree

“For more than a decade, the program has helped millions around the world learn the essential skills they need to live and work in the 21st century. From Microsoft Office and email to reading, math, and more, offers 125 tutorials, including more than 1,100 lessons, videos, and interactives, completely free. “–From the website.

Thanks to Earnest Shinault at Gaston Park Library for this posting.

Lab Tests Online : Empower Your Health. Understand Your Tests.

“Lab Tests Online is an award-winning health information web resource designed to help patients and caregivers understand the many lab tests that are vital part of medical care. Laboratory professionals who are experts in the field, develop and review all content, including articles on lab tests, conditions, lab tests, conditions/diseases, screening, clinical laboratory topics, and lab test news. The site is produced by AACC, a global scientific and medical professional organization dedicated to clinical laboratory science and its application to healthcare.”–From the website.

American League Baseball Red Book and National League Green Book Scrapped in 2009

According to this ESPN story from 2009 Major League Baseball scrapped the American League Baseball Red Book and the National League Green Book in 2009.

Native American Indian Association of Tennessee

“The Native American Indian Association of Tennessee, Incorporated (NAIA) is a service agency for Indians of Tennessee. It has been chartered as a tax-exempt non-profit corporation since October 1983, under provisions of section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code to improve the quality of life for Indians in Tennessee. NAIA has helped the Indian people in its service area to achieve the following goals:

  1. Improve the services in education and decrease illiteracy.
  2. Expand job opportunities and promote better employment.
  3. Increase knowledge and awareness of Indian culture.
  4. Promote Indian unity and organization.
  5. Improve services for daycare, housing, health, social services, and nutrition for low-income Indian people.

NAIA is the only statewide non-profit organization with an all-Indian Board of Directors elected by the membership. NAIA represents the concerns of the more than 10,000 Native American Indian residents of Tennessee. NAIA is a service organization based on the principles of self-determination and self-reliance.”–From the webiste.

Choosing a Veterinarian – The Humane Society of the United States

Much information here from The Humane Society of the United States on how to find the right veterinarian, what to look for in a veterinary practice, what to do when you are not happy with your veterinarian, and more.

Pet Health – MedlinePlus

Much helpful and pertinent information here from the U. S. National Library of Medicine’s consumer health site MedlinePlus on keeping your pets healthy.