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Is it down for everyone or just me?


Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if a website is down or if something is wrong with a particular computer (or network).  Next time a customer complains that a particular site isn’t working on their computer, try this link.  Type in the URL (address) and it will tell you if the site is up and functioning properly or not.  I’ve already had reason to use this twice in the past 24 hours!

Tip of My Tongue


Tip of My Tongue is a tool that attempts to help users find words that fit specific parameters.  For instance, perhaps you know that the word you are looking for starts with con-, ends in -ct and means “to build.”  Put that information into the form on this site, and you will be directed to the word “construct.”  The tool isn’t always perfect, but it might come in handy in a jam!

PDF Conversions

If you’ve ever wanted to convert files to or from a PDF format, there are a few sites you might be interested in:  PDF Online is an online service that will provide free conversions of files from PDF to Word, Word to PDF or website to PDF.  PDF Undo Online is a very easy-to-use site that will also convert PDF files to Word documents.