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Research Beyond Google: 119 Resources

Thanks to Kevin Dixon (Staff Development) for passing this along!

Research Beyond Google: 119 Authoritative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources

This article, from the Online Education Database, is a guide for students doing research.  The authors have chosen 119 excellent sites and divided them by subject category.  There is also a good explanation of the deep, or invisible, web.

Enjoy, and let us know if there is a specific site you find useful or think we should highlight!

LISZEN: Library and Information Science Search Engine

LISZEN is a search engine for library blogs, covering over 500 library-oriented blogs.

National Contact Center – Locating Individuals

The Federal Citizen Information Center has created this list of federal agencies and independent organizations that assist citizens in locating persons of unknown whereabouts.  Military locator services are listed first, followed by services for locating private individuals.

How-To Guides from has produced a series of over 1,000 How-To Guides that cover everything an entrepreneur should know about various business needs.  Sections include: Employees, Government, Internet and ECommerce, Legal, Management, Money and Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Start-Up, and Technology.


According to the site, “SlideShare is a free service for sharing presentations and slideshows. You can upload your PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentations, tag them, embed them into your blog or website, browse others’ presentations, and comment on individual slides. It’s a great way to share your ideas with others, or to learn from other people.”

The Hotspot Zone

From Darletha Matthews (South):

“The CNET website has a page where visitors can search for Wireless Internet in any city… It lists different locations, including libraries, hotels, and Internet cafes. I found this today thanks to an out-of-town visitor. (He was referred to one of our library locations, of course!)”

Comments on RefHighway

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If you use a website listed on this blog, or find one that is related to a listed site, we’d love to hear your experiences!

Use the comment feature to let other staff know how you’ve used a site, what tricks make it easier to use, or what other sites were also helpful.


Elections…The American Way

From the Librarians’ Internet Index:

“Introduction to the electoral system in the United States. Topics include requirements to be a presidential candidate, who can vote and how this has changed over time, the political party system, how presidents are elected (including the primary system and electoral votes), and significant issues through time. Part of a website designed for teachers from the American Memory Project of the Library of Congress.”

School Associated Violent Deaths

From the Librarians’ Internet Index:

“Fact sheet about school shootings and school-related violence, covering research, preventative measures, youth violence programs and practices, and related topics. Includes links to guidelines, best practices, and other documents on school violence. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

The Free Dictionary

From Damone Virgilio (Staff Development):

Based on the Heritage Dictionary, this site provides a regular dictionary along with specialized dictionaries: Medical, Financial, Computing, Legal, etc.

Hybrid Car Buying Guide

A replacement for the earlier Consumer Reports article, this site provides all that CR did and more!  It contains sections on how hybrids work, financial comparisons, buying guides, future hybrids, and a fuel savings calculator.

Flu Shots

It’s that time of the year again…

If you are looking for a place to get a flu shot:

For background information, statistics, vaccine information and guidance for what to do if you get sick, check out the CDC’s Flu site.


Folkstreams is a nonprofit organization which aims to preserve hard-to-find documentaries on American folk life and roots cultures and to give the films new life by streaming them on their website.  Visitors to the site can view any of almost 100 films, which are organized by title, subject, region, filmmaker, etc.

Happy Viewing!


From the site: “WriteToMyBlog is a free web word processor for your Blog. Create Post Entries for your Blog from right here with our advanced word processor. Completely free, no membership required, can Post to multiple Blogs, view and edit Posts, works with all major Blog programs, and is easy-peasy!”  See also: Writely.