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Local Impact of the Capital Purchase Program


“The map … [on this Website] represents locations where the Department of the Treasury has funded transactions through the Capital Purchase Program (CPP), and will be updated as new transactions are announced. As of March 2009, Treasury has made investments in banks in 48 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.”–From the Website.  The map will show the total amount of money given by the U. S. Treasury to the banks in a specific state and then a list of the names of each of the banks and the amount of money it received.



The Investigative Reporting Workshop of the American University School of Communication provides information and FDIC data here to allow anyone to track the financial health of individual banks in the U. S.   It also has a very helpful link that allows a search of TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) recipients, which shows the banks that have received TARP funds, the amount of the money the bank has received, and, in some cases, more detailed information about the money is provided.  TARP recipient banks can also be searched by state.