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Job Websites — Resource Guide


There is a Job Websites Resource Guide now available.  It is a part of our Resource Guides on the blog, and it can be opened there, along with all of the other helpful Resource Guide.  The Job Websites Resource Guide contains sites that provide job openings and/or information that may help you find a job.  Many of the sites are for job openings in Tennessee, or Memphis, Tennessee, but there are some sites that would be helpful to job seekers anywhere.

JOBCentral : National Labor Exchange


JobCentral National Labor Exchange is a service of the DirectEmployers Association, a nonprofit consortium of leading U. S. corporations, in alliance with the National Association of State Workforce Agencies.   Jobs available from leading U. S. employers are found here, and may be searched by keyword and locations, and most of the jobs can be applied for online.  You can search by a just a location, e.g., Memphis, TN, to find all available jobs in that location.  In addition, there are added fields to help you limit your search and there is other job-related information included.